It’s Cyber Monday, So Put Your Hard Earned Money Here

A few days back, I asked readers to contribute five whole dollars (each) to help raise completion funds for the film All That Remains. Five bucks a piece is a princely sum I know, but it must have been too much to ask.

I guess I figured the generosity of my fellow Catholics was something that I could count on, you know, when asking for such a pathetically small amount of money. Naive rube that I am, I’m surprised that only 6 people stepped up and have given $265. We few, we happy few…

But now, it’s Cyber Monday, you know, the day when everyone gets crazy with their credit cards and buys more stuff that they absolutely must have for gifts, or just to satisfy that craving for bargains.

Idea! Perhaps I was asking too little. Not impressed with the chump change requests, my Catholic homies want a real challenge, eh? Okey-dokey. No sense in singing the money blues around here, so let’s see what we are actually capable of today, shall we? First, a few examples of the (alleged) power of “crowd sourcing.”

Example to shame you #1,

Bigtime atheist cartoonist/blogger Matthew Inman of the Oatmeal asked his readers for $850,000 to build a museum to enshrine the work of Nichola Tesla using Indiegogo. Guess what happened?  They responded with 1.3 Million dollars.

“Oh hell yeah, sign me up! I’ll never visit that museum, ever, but since Inman is the shizz, where’s my wallet?”

But Frank, we like what you do, honest, but we don’t have that kind of money.

So, you think I don’t have a rough idea of how many Catholics there are in the world? LOL, dear reader. LOL.

Example to shame you #2,

The Muslim community used Indiegogo to help raise funds for their mosque that was destroyed by arsonists in Joplin Missouri. They asked for $250,000 and generous folks gave over $400k.

“I’m not into religion myself, but it’s not cricket that a mosque got torched by freakazoids either. Honey? Where’s my credit card?”

Frank, the Muslim conspiracy thing is real, man. Look at how much money they were able to squeeze out of an increasingly secularized culture…sigh. Yeah, that excuse is kind of falling flat.

Hmmm. Maybe I am asking for too little, dear readers? $7,500 is chump change, after all.

Oh, lookie…today’s Gospel reading!

When Jesus looked up he saw some wealthy people putting their offerings into the treasury and he noticed a poor widow putting in two small coins. He said,

“I tell you truly, this poor widow put in more than all the rest; for those others have all made offerings from their surplus wealth, but she, from her poverty, has offered her whole livelihood.”

Would it have been more to your liking if I had asked for 100 kagillion, bagillion dollars? Roll clip,

YouTube Preview Image

Yeah, yeah, times are tough, and money is tight, blah blah blah. Perhaps you didn’t understand what I was asking you to do. Was it like this for you?

YouTube Preview Image

Five dollars per every regular reader of this blog would be something like $15,000 which would blow the lid off the little goal me and my film making friends have. Then we could wrap up production, premiere the film, make BluRay DVD’s of it, and sell tons of copies of it etc., etc. You have to admit, that is much more palatable than just grinding along on the proceeds of the virtual widows mite that we’ve been operating on so far.

The widow’s have already contributed, see, so now it’s your turn.

Look over there on the sidebar at that embarrassing amount of money sitting in the kitty for a film about a man whose city we destroyed while using the Catholic Church in Urakamai as a freaking aiming point. See this picture? We.built.that.

$310 dollars? That’s all we can muster? It should be $21,500 on it’s way to $215,000 for crying out loud.

Hey, but you know what? It’s Cyber Monday, so give $40 and you’ll be able to download the film when it’s completed. Better yet, give $75 and you’ll get the download and a DVD. So you see? Your money won’t just disappear into the ether, but will give you something tangible too. Win-win!

But for now, the little empty widget over yonder? It’s like a mirror, and the reflection isn’t too pretty, is it? Only six people have given a dime since my post asking for help ten days ago.

The folks who helped out in the two Indiegogo examples above are laughing at this pathetic show of support for a film about a Catholic convert from Shintoism whose cause for sainthood is being taken up by the beleaguered little remnant of Christians in the Archdiocese of Nagasaki, whose town we blew to kingdom come and whose generations we snuffed out with the snap of a finger.

Watch the trailer one.more.time.

YouTube Preview Image

If you are a return reader, and the Google powered counter thingy informs me that half of you are, break out your credit card and shoot $5 dollars into the kitty. Or maybe you need to put $50, $500, or $5,000. Whatever turns your crank. After all, it’s Cyber Monday!!!

But whatever you do, don’t just sit there, do nothing, and wonder why the needle isn’t moving and the film never makes it to fruition. Pony up and get your download/DVD perk today. Buy a t-shirt or a coffee mug too.

Don’t just sit there…buy something! :)


  • yawsep1569

    It is disappointing to see a Catholic feel so entitled to the donations of others. Perhaps making an obscure film about a relatively unknown person (as holy as he surely was) is not a worthwhile investment in the minds of your readers? If you were to make a film about the life of Abba Macarius the Elder and did not display such a condescending attitude (you are really not doing any favors to me by making this film), I would surely have given some money. Is it a Latin thing to shame others for one’s own benefit? I hope not. I do not think Abba Macacius would do such a thing, but then again, he would not have wanted to make any such movies either. Good luck with your movie and may Abba Macarius help you and me to learn the meaning of humility.

    • Frank Weathers

      I reckon my Abba Macarius would keep making baskets, with the hope that folks would keep buying them. For he himself did say,

      If He was moved to such compassion over bodies that were to be dissolved and die again, and did with eager kindness for each applicant the thing that he sought, how much more when an immortal, imperishable, incorruptible soul, labouring under the disease of ignorance, wickedness, unbelief, unconcern, and all the other maladies of sin, comes nevertheless to the Lord, and seeks His help, and fixes its eyes upon His mercy, and desires to receive of Him the grace of the Spirit for its deliverance and salvation and riddance of all wickedness, and all passion, will He not grant more speedily and more readily His healing deliverance, according to His own word, How much more shall your heavenly Father avenge those that cry unto Him day and night? And He adds, Yea, I say unto you, He will avenge them speedily; and in another place He exhorts, Ask, and it shall be given unto you, for every one that asketh, receiveth, and he that seeketh, findeth, and to him that knocketh it shall be opened; and at the close He adds, How much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask Him. Verily I say unto you, though he will not rise and give him because he is his friend, yet because of his importunity he will rise and give him as much as he needeth.

      Now consider this: if we didn’t needeth, we wouldn’t asketh. But if I didn’t share the need, you wouldn’t know it existed.

      So as Macarius keeps making the baskets, I continue to ask, and hope to receive. Thanks for your generosity.

  • Maggie Goff

    I did as promised and gave when my social security deposit was recorded. You didn’t shame me into it. I really want to see this film made. :-)

    • Frank Weathers

      You’re a peach, Maggie, and as good as your word. A wise person once wrote,

      “How is it that so many people will send large sums to the missions to convert the unknown heathen, but will go to any length to avoid the known borrower, however genuine his need?”

      Thanks for not looking away. Your gift is very much appreciated.

  • Frank Too

    HI Frank,
    Just contributed to the film. Hope your effort succeeds.

    • Frank Weathers

      Thank you kindly. :)

  • Clare Krishan

    No paypal? We don’t share our credit card info online, sorry.
    My 5c worth – personally I don’t like the *bomb*astic cheap emotional manipulation sound track used on the trailer…
    “The reason we have decided to launch another campaign here on Indiegogo is because we need to raise just little more money to help fund the final and crucial, post production phase, the part where we edit, complete all FX shots and add sound and music tracks to the pictures.”
    … and would not want to be responsible for helping attach such poorly chosen music to a film about a very worthy subject.
    My favorite movie about the war in Japan is Grave of the Fireflies, (not an atom bombing but firebombing) see here
    Has Barbara Nicolosi endorsed the Higgins brothers movie?
    If they have her on theriside, its a good thing. If not, why not?
    Perhaps the ambitions for the project are really not up to the professionalism and rigor that the topic deserves?