Remember the Hobby Lobby Petition? It Could Use Your Signature.


It’s collected over 9,100 signatures so far, and is about 16,000 shy of the goal.

And get this. The Administration has moved the goal posts so that in the future, a petition now has to collect 100,000 signatures to warrant any attention.

But not this one. So what do you say? Sign it and share it and be a burr under the saddle of the HHS Mandate.

Also, you can support Hobby Lobby and stay current on their plight by liking this Facebook Page:  Standing With Hobby Lobby.

Go ahead…make my day!

  • Lindsay Williams

    This is a direct attack against our constitutional right to religious freedom. The governemnt should never coerce Americans into buying something that severely violates their conscience.

  • Mike T

    If the government thinks it’s so important for certain medical procedures to be available through insurance, then why doesn’t the government set up something so that those who do want that coverage (but don’t have it through other means) can buy a special-purpose plan? After all – if it really is in such high demand, lots and lots of people would clamor for the plan and the cost wouldn’t be all that bad. Right? Or …. if there were so may people who wanted those procedures covered, why don’t the insurance companies offer them as special add-ons at some “nominal” fee – you’d think they would be making a killing at that (oops – sorry for the pun)

  • Evelyn Stacy

    Hopefully other businesses will follow in these great footsteps.