Father Robert Barron with a Few Words on the Priesthood

Heh! Neither is Joe Six-Pack.

The video below is not new, but it gives us an idea that Garry Wills is like a private who is preparing to fight the last war.

Fr. Barron, on the other hand, is like a general who has learned the lessons of battles waged in the past, and is looking ahead towards victory. Take a look.

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  • David J. White

    Small correction: it’s “Garry” Wills.

    • Frank Weathers

      I don’t know who made the meme, but…yeah.

  • Marge

    A- and MEN. Father Barron is the Fulton J Sheen of our generation and praise be to Jesus Christ for his example.

  • http://contemplativehomeschool.wordpress.com Connie Rossini

    Oops. I guess Jesus made a mistake. Too bad the media pundits weren’t around 2000 years ago to let Him know. Not so bad they might not be around in another 2000 years, when the Church with Her priesthood is still flourishing.

  • Mike

    How can a properly thinking person consider something that’s at least 1,000 years old a failure? It’s the priesthood is a failure what isn’t? Geez.

    • Will

      Are you seriously asking? I can think of any number of programs and organizations that are demonstrably more efficacious and beneficial than the priesthood.

      Things that are old aren’t necessarily good, or well-thought-out. For example, they still burn witches in some parts of rural Africa. That’s a really, really old idea, and I think we can agree it’s a pretty bad one as ideas go. I don’t think that the priesthood is going anywhere, but to defend it by saying “it’s been around a long time!” is a lacking argument. The Catholic Church is in an interesting position. It certainly will not (and can’t) change its positions about major social issues, but at the same time faces serious challenges from a rapidly secularizing world. The next decade or so will be really interesting for Catholicism, especially in the first world.