Pope Benedict XVI’s Title After Retirement Revealed…

The speculation is over.

If you guessed, “His Holiness, Benedict XVI, Bishop Emeritus of Rome,” you were correct!

Roll clip,

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UPDATE: 2/26/2013,

Make that “Pope emeritus.” I kind of, sort of, guessed that back on February 15th.

  • Subsistent

    One thing about Benedict I think is “neat”, “keen”, “slick”, “cool”, is that even if the books he’s commercially published (as on *Jesus of Nazareth*) haven’t been best-sellers, they mean that he’s been financially self-supporting (or the equivalent). Not that I don’t agree with St. Paul that one who (full-time) preaches the Gospel should be able to “live by the Gospel” — but after all, even Paul earned at least part of his living as a tent-maker, right?