Smallville Sends a Cardinal Off to the Conclave UPDATED

Justin Francis Cardinal Rigali, Archbishop Emeritus of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, took wing today from the airport in Knoxville, Tennessee to gather with his peers in Rome for the conclave.

Cardinal Rigali retired to the Diocese of Knoxville when he turned the keys to Philadelphia over to Archbishop Charles Chaput in 2011.

The local news media covered the story at my parish church (which the press wrongly identified as a cathedral), as well as at the airport.

Roll clip,


May Cardinal Rigali have a safe flight, and may the Holy Spirit guide him, and his brethren, as they chose the successor of Pope Benedict XVI.


More by Cardinal Rigali, and the other U.S. domiciled electors, in Rocco Palmo’s, “We’re Looking For An Awful Lot” – As Pope Resigns, The Electors Speak.