Voting Has Opened in the 2013 About Catholicism Readers’ Choice Awards

And you can even vote for me, kind of. This just in…

Dear readers, thanks to you, Stand with the US Bishops against the HHS, brought to you by the Truth & Charity blog, has been announced as a 2013 Catholicism Readers’ Choice Awards finalist for the Best FB Page category! I’d like to thank all of you, with a very special thanks to Frank Weathers of YIM Catholic (ed. deep bow to everyone), who has excelled as a co-admin of this page. My only hope is that this will draw more attention to the cause of religious freedom in the United States and throughout the world.

Please vote for us to win, once every 24-hours, at

-Micah Murphy, Founder
Stand with the US Bishops against the HHS

Heh! Vote early, and vote often.

While you’re there, vote for BadCatholic, and the Anchoress too. None of us are facing stiff competition, or anything. *cough*

  • Micah Murphy

    Of course, they could always vote for Truth & Charity for best blog, to support your co-admin on Stand with the US Bishops, but I understand your wanting to keep it in the Patheos family. ;-)

    • Frank Weathers

      In a contest between Father Z, The Pope, And Catholic Memes, I doubt it makes much difference. Better to say.”Thanks!” and keep slogging. :)