Anderson Cooper Tacks To Windward, Asks Hard Questions About the Gosnell Case

I’m not sure if you were able to see the telecast from his show last night, so I’ll embed the video here.

Before you view Mr. Coopers’ coverage of the story, which includes documentary filmaker David Altrooge on the panel, consider these thoughts from Elizabeth Scalia,

…I see not a glass half-empty, but one half-full and filling. Perhaps I am only an optimist, and a naive one, but I feel like this is a break in the tide; a moment that can perhaps turn America from its myriad and mostly empty distractions, and get her asking important questions about who we are, what we have been enabling, who we want to be and what serving “the least among us” really means.

Coming, as it does, during a honeymoon phase of a popular new pope who embodies the idea of Godly tenderness and forcefully demonstrates his awareness that poverty, marginalization and “least-ness” comes in many forms, this almost seems like a moment handed to us by God.

As such, we Christians need to respect it; we need to respect the moment and the opportunity, and the fact that this is a possible gift. If this is a small break in the tide, it’s one we have to fill with patience and mercy; it is going to call on Christians to be as Christlike with our stunned and (hopefully) open-to-re-thinking brothers and sisters. We can’t haul off on them, but must teach with love. With firmness and truth, but also with some of that tenderness we’re called to; with an acknowledgement that Justice belongs to God while mercy is ours.

The Anchoress knew about the case a long time ago, you see.

Roll clip,

You can view David Altrooge’s documentary film 3801 Lancaster here.

Prayers for all involved, across the entire spectrum of our society, be they perpetrators or victims, health officials or policy makers, or just average citizens such as ourselves, are needed now and going forward.

The quiet courage, and example, of the Good Samaritan is needed now as well. I know that I fall far short of practicing love of my neighbor as much as I love myself. I must do better at this. Otherwise, I’m like the person Toyohiko Kagawa writes of in his short sword of a poem I’ve shared before,

I read in a book
That a man called
Went about doing good.
It is very disconcerting to me
That I am so easily satisfied
With just
Going about.

To be yeast, or tasteless salt? That is the question…

  • enness

    That defense lawyer brings to mind the phrase “devil’s advocate.”

  • Jake57

    Cooper is not covering the story, he’s spinning it. This CNN video is evidence of how the pro-abortion media is going to smother this. The problem to them is not so much the murdered babies, but the deplorable, unsanitary conditions at the clinic, how the women received poor medical treatment, and how the clinic wasn’t sufficiently monitored by the state. The inference is, had the clinic been clean and safe for mothers, the brutal murders of all those babies would have been OK. They’re actually spinning this in a mind-boggling direction, in favor of legal late-term abortion and infanticide (as per Illinois state senator Barack Obama) but just under better conditions.

  • Kathy Tobacco

    @Jake, I am no fan of Cooper but I fail to hear the spin. The fact the story has gotten little to no coverage speaks volumes for the liberal media but Cooper lead with the murders and mentioned the deaths of mothers and the unsanitary conditions later. The conditions weren’t just unsanitary either. It was criminal disregard disgusting. An employee said he would reuse a vaginal specula and once even did it when it was bloody from another patient. Just because I do care about the deaths of several mothers, spread of disease, and the permanent maiming of women doesn’t mean I am not devastated by the murder of all those beautiful infants. It breaks my heart that we will never know how many. We will never know each identity. They were just murdered in darkness. The fact you don’t care about the conditions in the clinic (dead mothers, teenagers with perforated bowels, and a 19 year old who needed a hysterectomy) makes me think you don’t care about the dead babies. You are just grandstanding. You can’t hate mothers and love babies. They kind of go together. The left has been insisting that abortion is safe and this is a glaring example of how it isn’t and never will be. When you think about it how can you trust someone to be vigilant and responsible with a woman’s health when they kill for a living? The back alley abortion still exist. It is just legal now.

  • Linda C.

    If only they had kept everything sterile, clean and shiny, there would have been no problem, in other words. I still don’t know how they would spin the feet-in-jars issue, so I would imagine they’ll just ignore it.

  • The Gift

    No sick pun intended here, but baby steps, people, baby steps. Concern about the health and safety of the mother is a step in the right direction. These clinics are unregulated because of the fear that regulation will slow down the “industry.” Good for regulation! Concern about sanitary conditions means you have to confront what happens in these death factories. And that will turn the baby steps into strides.

    Thank you, Anderson Cooper, for having the journalism gene.

  • Frank Weathers

    Regardless of how the story “spins” or not, many folks will be called to ponder the horror of late term abortion. Many may, as a result, ponder the horror of abortion all the way ’round. And so, dear readers,

    “…we do not lose heart. Even though our outer nature is wasting away, our inner nature is being renewed day by day. For this slight momentary affliction is preparing us for an eternal weight of glory beyond all measure, because we look not at what can be seen but at what cannot be seen; for what can be seen is temporary, but what cannot be seen is eternal.” —2 Corinthians 4:16-18

  • Jake57

    Think of all the infamous mass murders covered endlessly over the years by the media… Charles Manson… Was Sharon Tate’s home clean when Manson’s crew murdered Ms. Tate and her unborn baby? Jeffrey Dahmer… Were there sanitary conditions when he murdered 17 people? Was his home clean? How about the murder weapons, were they sterilized? Did he murder them the correct way? We don’t know, because nobody ever asked such stupid questions. Gosnell brutally tortured and murdered perhaps 100 babies, and the media, because they support the murder of unborn children, all of the sudden are concerned that the clinic wasn’t clean and adequately monitored by the state. We mustn’t let ourselves be fooled. We must report the truth, as ugly as it is.