If You Would Like to Support Eden Foods While They Sue the HHS, Here’s the Website for You!

Put together by grassroots supporters of the company “who believe in the justice of the cause against the HHS Mandate expressed in the lawsuit filed on behalf of the company,” it’s called simply Standing With Eden Foods, and it’s packed with handy information.

There’s even a way for you to add your electronic signature to a letter that will be sent to Michael Potter and the firm showing your support as well. It reads as follows,

Dear Mr. Potter and Eden Foods,

Thank you for your courageous stand against the unjust  HHS Mandate! You are right to file suit to have your First Amendment rights upheld. Please know that I stand with you against the HHS and the naysayers in our culture who seek to intimidate you into compliance. I pledge my support, my prayers, and – whenever and however possible – my consumer loyalty and trust.

On behalf of the Undersigned

Bookmark Standing with Eden Foods and share it with others.

While you’re at it, browse their on-line store, or find your local retailer that carries Eden Foods products, and become a customer (if you aren’t already) today. Like them at their Facebook page too.

Not sure why I’m blogging about Eden Foods? Go here.


  • Dale

    I am surprised by the decision of the CEO of Eden Foods. It seems certain to damage his business, which produces natural foods/organic foods/health foods. Although many businesses might be hurt by taking a controversial political stance, I think a large part of Eden Foods clientele have a liberal/progressive outlook. Moreover, someone who has embraced the alternative foods movement is likely to be someone willing to take a stand.

    Of course, taking a stand is precisely what Mr Potter is doing. He seems to be doing it on libertarian grounds, rather than religious or moral objections to contraception. But his decision has generated a buzz, and not in a good way. Quoting from a Salon interview with Potter:

    ‘I asked him what he was hearing from customers about the lawsuit. ”As you can imagine we’re getting a lot of feedback,” Potter said delicately. Indeed, since the story, Eden Foods’ Facebook page has been inundated with complaints and boycott declarations. “Your company’s unfair, judgmental and misogynistic treatment of your employees has lost you yet another customer,” was a typical comment.’


    Words for support for Potter are good, but purchasing the products of his company might be better.

    • Kristen inDallas

      I think there are really two types of people who embrace natural foods. Those who are politically liberal and eat organic because it’s currently the PC thing to do, and those who legitimately care about not putting toxins in their body. The company may lose support from the first group, but probably not the second, given the nature of BC.

    • Theodore Seeber

      Looking at the blogs since this came out, Eden Foods seems to have two natural demographic markets:
      1. “Crunchy conservatives” who are organic because they want to live as close to the way God intended our species to live.
      2. “Better than thou nutrition moms” who are merely in it to avoid GMO foods.

      The first group, he’ll get more business from- because most of them oppose chemical birth control to begin with, preferring instead NFP (if they’re Catholic) or copper-based IUDs and natural membrane condoms (if they’re not). This group is also highly libertarian, and object strongly to being forced to be a part of society.

      It’s the hypocrites in the 2nd group he’s going to lose over this.

  • Ang

    Here’s another idea– the next time you want to give money to the poor, go to the grocery store and buy Eden food products, then take them to your local food bank. You’ll be giving healthy food to people who can’t afford it and supporting the company!