This Is The Kind Of Chart One Can Stare At For Hours…UPDATED

I found it folded neatly in the back of volume one of Philip Hughes’ A History of the Church: An Introductory Study. I picked it up for $2.00 at the public library’s used book sale earlier this year.

Here on one piece of paper is all that was happening between the time Sts. Peter and Paul were martyred, up until the Edict of Milan. Sorry it’s a little cock-eyed, but this is the best I could do.

Ain’t it grand? The dates on the left and right hand margins, and working across from left to right we have the names of early heretics, Christian writers and writings of note, the popes by name, then the ruling emperors of Rome, the marquee names among non-Christian writers, and a highlight of the current events of note for each year.

If you need me in the next couple of hours, you know where I’ll be.


Looky here! Time Charts A, B, & C 


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  • stefanie

    Holy cow! That is awesome, Frank!

  • Monica Pope

    is there also a time chart B, C, D through current? if there was, do you think Nancy Pelosi would be on the latest one?

    seriously, can you please, PLEASE transcribe this? reproduce this? somehow?

    • I’ll have to see if I can scan it. There is a Time Chart B & C as well, which ditches the non-Christian contemporary writers and wedges in the Councils called in response to heresies.

      • Patrick Orlando

        Hello Mr. Weathers,
        I will gladly pay/donate for scanned copies.
        Please let me know.

        • See the UPDATE with a link to all three.

          • Patrick Orlando

            Thank you, sir!

      • Monica Pope

        thanks for looking into copies!

        until reproductions are made available, i confess i’ll just keep breaking the 11th Commandment, which is: thou shalt not covet Frank Weathers’ Time Charts.

  • Jim

    The Edict of Milan was not signed nor published in Milan, as is commonly thought. (Yes, the Encyclopedia is wrong.)

    Bonus points if you can figure out where it was agreed upon and whom the parties were.

  • Mark Howard

    Very nice, love this! I would love to get a better copy.

  • Christopher Hammond

    Why is Euclid listed as living around 185 AD? His writings date back to approximately 300 BC.

    • Heh! Maybe it’s a Euclid not affiliated with geometry.

      • Christopher Hammond

        There are a few other moderately well known Euclids (such as Euclid of Megara), although none seem to have lived during the second century AD. Besides that, one wouldn’t just use the name “Euclid” without further explanation, when there is one person overwhelmingly associated with that name.

  • drrabbit

    I want a copy too. I teach church history every other year in my Parish School of Religion (PSR) with the 7th and 8th graders. This is a fun chart. I would love to give the kids a copy.

  • CatholicScienceGeek

    Oooooo….super cool. Thank you for sharing! Downloaded and ready for my perusal this weekend!

  • Fantastic!