In Case You Wondered About My Thoughts On Action Against Syria…

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  • I have an honest question Frank… Catholic catechism allows for waging a just war… and goes into detail as to when it ought to be waged… though I don’t see any of those conditions being met in this Syrian ‘crisis’, I do wonder about Pope Francis’ use of the word never.


    • Perhaps he means in this particular case? I don’t know. I believe the teaching still stands, but here are the Top Secret thoughts, fleshed out.

      • baileywalker

        I believe the Holy Father was quoting Pope Paul VI’s address to the United Nations General Assembly on October 4, 1965. I remember watching this on TV when I was an undergraduate student and thinking that history was being made. Here’s the English translation of the quote (the Holy Father delivered the address in French):

        “And now We come to the high point of Our message: Negatively, first: the words which you expect from Us and which We cannot pronounce without full awareness of their gravity and solemnity: Never one against the other, never, never again. Was it not principally for this purpose that the United Nations came into being: against war and for peace? Listen to the clear words of a great man, the late John Kennedy, who declared four years ago: “Mankind must put an end to war, or war will put an end to mankind.” Long discourses are not necessary to proclaim the supreme goal of your institution. It is enough to remember that the blood of millions of men, numberless and unprecedented sufferings, useless slaughter and frightful ruin are the sanction of the covenant which unites you, in a solemn pledge which must change the future history of the world: No more war, war never again…”

        Our Lady, Queen of Peace, Pray for Us!

  • Kathy Brents

    As a Catholic and a U.S. Navy veteran, who is also a veteran Navy wife, I definitely agree! This morning, I sent email letters to my three Congressmen (who at last word were against our military intervention) and also called one of them, encouraging them to follow through by voting no.