The Battle of Helm’s Deep…LEGO Edition!

*whistling sound*

Who knows? After this post, I might get my geek card back. Because life is too short not to geek out at the magnificence of a 150,000 piece LEGO construction of a fictional battle.

I mean, look at the detail!

I hope you aren’t afraid of heights…



See more photos and read all about it over at

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  • Thinkling

    Loss for words. Calling this awesome is to insult it.

    One random thought. I would hate to have to set up the minifigures. One slip and the entire army would domino over.

    • Jakeithus

      The great part about Lego is that if you lock the feet into the blocks, it removes the possibility of that happening. Although by the look of it, the ramp leading up to the gate appears to be smooth.