Got Questions About Vatican II, Salvation, and the Unsaved?

Who doesn’t? We’re in luck, though, because Catholic World Report has an eight post symposium up on these very subjects.

Six theologians answer the following eight questions,

• “Every one to whom much is given, of him will much be required” by Douglas Bushman

• Vatican II and the “Bad News” of the Gospel by David Paul Deavel

• The Universality of Christ’s Saving Mission – The Teaching of Vatican II by Nicholas J. Healy, Jr.

• Salvation and Christian Evangelization: Vatican II in Continuity with Tradition by Father David Vincent Meconi, SJ

• Salvation and Missionary Work after Ad Gentes by Tracey Rowland

• On Universal Salvation: The Logic by James V. Schall, SJ

• Who Will Be Saved? The Council and the Question of Salvation by Father Thomas Joseph White, OP

• Did Hans Urs von Balthasar Teach that Everyone Will Certainly be Saved? by Mark Brumley

Interested? Head on over to CWR, and dig in.

“But Frank, theology is so boring, tricky, hard to understand, as exciting as watching paint dry, etc. That stuff makes my head hurt.”

Listen. Frank Sheed said it pretty well in Theology for Beginners.

…the joy and excitement of theological knowledge is like the joy and excitement of any other love—it cannot be explained to one who has not experienced it; it need not be explained to one who has. I shall keep, therefore, to the plainest of reasons. Truth is food and truth is light.

“Not on bread alone doth man live,” said Christ Our Lord, quoting Deuteronomy to the Devil. Everybody knows the phrase, and most people tend to complete it according to their fancy of what is most important to the hungry soul of man. But it had its own completion in Deuteronomy and Our Lord reminded the Devil of that too—”but by every word that proceedth from the mouth of God.” Revealed truth, then, is food. Now it is a peculiarity of food that it nourishes only those who eat it. We are not nourished by the food that someone else has eaten. To be nourished by it, we must eat it ourselves.

It’s dinner time!

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