My Favorite Psalm

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King David and Joe Six-Pack have something in common. A number of things, actually. He was a soldier, while I was a Marine. He was a repentant sinner, and I am one still. He was a bit of an extrovert, and according to Myers-Briggs (all characters in the Bible took the test. No, really.), he and I share the same personality type. He wrote poems with verve, which are the kind of poems I like to read.

But the real reason I know we have a lot in common? That’s easy. Just take a look at Psalm 131.

A song of ascents. Of David.

LORD, my heart is not proud;

nor are my eyes haughty.


I do not busy myself with great matters,

with things too sublime for me.

Rather, I have stilled my soul,

Like a weaned child to its mother,

weaned is my soul.


Israel, hope in the LORD,

now and forever.

My editor would probably say that I need to explain why I like this psalm more. But those of you who have been following the blog longer than a day don’t need to know any more than what the psalmist shares above. Right?

OK, I’ll bite. I don’t know everything, and that fact doesn’t bother me much. I’m not the smartest man in the room, but if you need something done, I can probably do it. The Church is my mother, and I’m comfortable in her arms. Oh, and the Church is Israel,  the people of God, on a journey to the land of milk and honey, through hardship and disarray.

Hope in the LORD, now and forever. Amen.

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  • Brian Sullivan

    Yay! Barnabas!

    • Frank Weathers

      So underrated, that guy.

      • Brian Sullivan

        And much a better choice for INFP than that of a friend of mine who thought of Judas!