Dreamin' Wide Awake review updated

Dreamin' Wide Awake review updated May 7, 2011

Hey guys, some of you will remember that I did a little “review” of Doug Anderson’s brand-new project before it actually came out. Well, now that I have my hands on it, I decided to add a few extra thoughts in brackets here and there. I really didn’t have all that much to add, but there were some more thoughts I had and details I picked up on in a full listen that I wanted to share. I have also assigned the album a rating: 4.5 stars. I thought the song selection could have been a tad stronger, but overall it sounds so good that it deserves a very strong rating. Doug truly can sing anything you put in front of him. He shows off some sweet falsetto work on the jazzy “Closer,” which actually wasn’t my favorite song, but is still notable for that little vocal moment. He actually sounds a bit like Wes Hampton briefly there. But he lays on the country real thick on songs like “Only Here For a Little While” and especially “Dreamin’ Wide Awake.” At heart, of course, he’s a pop singer, but he obviously had fun stretching his legs.

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  • NWBaritone

    Overall I appreciate Doug’s effort here. He is a beautiful singer and while I do not prefer the country sound of a couple of the songs, overall I enjoyed this venture. Of course, a group singer myself, I always prefer the group to the individual in almost every case. Marsh Hall might be the exception. I would encourage everyone to check Doug’s album out!