Perfect Tenor Performances #2: Danny Funderburk

Perfect Tenor Performances #2: Danny Funderburk June 9, 2011

Today we continue to look at some o f southern gospel’s best-known tenors and enjoy snapshots of them at their live best. I started the series with Brian Free, and today I’m featuring another tenor who is somewhat controversial but has garnered much critical acclaim (as well as a massive fan following!) Though his voice is something of an acquired taste, Danny Funderburk certainly left an indelible mark on the world of southern gospel during his time with the Cathedrals. He was famous for raising the roof with power-house numbers like “I Just Started Living” and “Somebody Touched Me,” but I much prefer him when he doesn’t push his voice to the breaking point and instead allows a quiet ballad to speak for itself. Case in point, the classic “For What Earthly Reason.” It’s the tender moments like this that allowed Danny’s full brilliance to shine forth, not only as a vocalist but as a communicator of a lyric.

Truly a shining moment in southern gospel history.

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  • quartet-man

    He does still raise the roof to some degree (towards the end) on this one, but this has a lot of dynamics.

  • True, it does have a dramatic swell. But it’s not nearly as rough on him as “I Just Started Living!”

  • Brian Fuson

    One of my favorite songs Danny sang with the Cats was, “Whosoever Will” off the Travelin Live album. In his prime, Danny was one of the greatest tenors ever!

  • I really enjoy “The Poet’s Song.” I can’t think what album it’s off of right now. It’s one of the few songs that grabbed me lyrically on the first listen.

  • I’ve Just Started Living is the album, Amy. Also Gus is singing this one on L5’s new CD. At least, that’s what I hear. This song needed to be re-cut by a Cathedral alumni.

  • Yes, I saw that on Nate’s blog. Gus is one of my absolute favorite tenors, so I’m completely thrilled that he’s doing this song. I have a feeling I may even end up preferring it to the original.

  • Nate Stainbrook

    I was just about to mention that L5 was cutting this one; until I saw FNR’s post… 🙂
    As for the original with Danny; well lets just say it is one of my most played tracks on my computer!

  • Terri Lormand

    The Cathedrals are one of my favorite groups, and this song in particular is one of my favorites…hard to keep the tears away!