What's Gonna Happen to the Kingsmen?

What's Gonna Happen to the Kingsmen? December 14, 2011

We wish Bryan Hutson all the best with Soul’d Out Quartet. At the same time, I’m sure people are curious about what’s ahead for the Kingsmen with the various things they’re facing, including the fact that two members have health issues (Randy and Ray).
I don’t know who they’ll get to replace Bryan, but it seems reasonable that they might choose the guy who’s been filling in for him: Bob Sellers.
Bob is a good singer, probably better than Bryan. But will it be enough to keep them going?

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  • Brandon Reese

    Thank you for you continued support for our group, Ray, and Randy.
    I believe the reasons for Bryan’s departure to be exactly as he stated. We have not decided on a new singer as of yet but I am very excited about 2012—- with my dad’s(Ray) health improving, and the birth of my daughter 2 weeks ago, I could not be more blessed.

  • I’m honored you stopped by. We’re so glad to hear of Ray’s improving health. Our hope is that next year will be a great one for the Kingsmen, whoever the replacement may be. Looking forward to great things from the group!