Whitney Houston, RIP

Whitney Houston, RIP February 12, 2012

Dead at 48, a legend of pop music, many regard her as one of the greatest female voices of all time. Her life stands as a sad witness to Satan’s destructive work on those blessed with great fame and fortune. I do not know her fate, for it rests in the hands of God only. But I know that the memory of her voice will live on for many more years to come. Here she is, in her prime, singing the National Anthem as only she could.

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  • K. Payne

    Wow! Absolutely one of the best renditions of the Star Spangled Banner and yet so simple in the delivery. Singers can learn alot from this icon about singing with style. RIP.

  • What a voice she had….so sad she has passed away!

  • This news WAS sad. What a beautiful voice. Not that it would make it any less sad if she wasn’t talented, but she certainly had a gift that seems wasted.

  • Jeff

    I hope she did go to heaven, Her last song sung was “Jesus Loves Me”