Prayers Requested for Tim Duncan's Son [Updated]

Prayers Requested for Tim Duncan's Son [Updated] May 13, 2012

This morning Tim Duncan stated on his facebook page that his son Breck was in a head-on collision and suffered multiple injuries. He “is currently in ICU with multiple facial fractures, fractured foot and fractured L5 vertebrae. We are now waiting to see what time he will be going to surgery.” His condition appears stable, but prayers are much appreciated!
Update: According to a family friend, Breck’s foot surgery went well, though it will be about 3 months until he can put weight on it. They’re choosing not to operate on his back at the moment, and his face is bruised with some swelling. But overall, he “looks great and is on the mend.” Continue to keep him in your prayers.
Further update: From Tim’s wife Melissa:

Breck’s surgery went great! They were able to repair all the broken bones and toes with screws and pins. They are hoping he won’t suffer permanent damage to that foot. Today they found another fracture in his other foot so now…. He has a cast on both legs. I am sorry it took so long to post but we have been busy all day waiting for all the different doctors and tests being done. We appreciate everyone keeping us in your prayers. This is the beginning of a long recovery for him!!

Further update: From Tim:

Breck had a good night last night. He is definitely back to his funny self. I told him I would trade places with him if I could and without missing a beat he said I wish you could! Physical Therapy will be in today to evaluate him. He is scheduled for Facial surgery at 8:00 am wed. morning. I want to thank everyone for the prayers, texts and calls. It means more to us than you all will ever know!!

Further update: Also from Tim:

Just talked with the ENT/Ortho surgeon and he explained the surgery for Wednesday morning at 8:00 am. It will take anywhere from 6-7 hours if everything goes as planned. This will be a difficult one, he said it is very painful and recovery is slow. We were informed he will need surgery on his R foot/ankle in the morning also. This one will take about 2 hours. This will be a long difficult day for him and us. We are praying for God to guide the surgeons and Breck’s pain to be eased. We love and appreciate all of you!

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