Dan Keeton Leaves Gold City to Launch Non-Profit Children's Charity

Dan Keeton Leaves Gold City to Launch Non-Profit Children's Charity January 3, 2013

This came as a definite surprise. Gold City seemed to have found a nice groove with Keeton solidly holding down the tenor part. At the same time, I don’t see how this particular change could have proceeded more amicably, and I can’t think of a better reason Keeton could have had for leaving the group. In his open letter, he said that he wanted to launch a non-profit organization to help children victimized by abuse through music and the arts. This project is close to his heart, as he himself has a testimony of childhood abuse.

Amidst a sea of group changes, some of which can seem quite tight-lipped and unpleasant by comparison, it’s refreshing to find someone who’s actually leaving voluntarily for an excellent cause. We wish Keeton all of the best and hope God blesses him richly in this new chapter. Meanwhile, some have suggested Harold Reed as a replacement, since he recently left the Lefevre Quartet.

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  • When Dan Keeton joined Gold City it was after a massive period of turnover. Dan brought a good period of stability and produced some good performances. I like the transparency of this change. Interesting to see who takes over, I’d like Harold Reed to have a go.

  • I agree. They had a good sound with him. Perhaps Reed will come in, or perhaps we’ll be introduced to somebody new!

  • I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure if Dan would fit with Gold City, but he impressed me with his vocals on “Somebody’s Coming”.
    That’s the beauty of SG, there’s always the possibility of unearthing new talent or giving someone the exposure they deserve.
    I neglected to wish Dan Keeton all the best in my earlier comment, so…..all the best Dan!

  • JSR

    Mr. Reed commented on another site that his range didn’t fit well with GC…

  • In that case it’s anybody’s guess!