Questions and Answers: The Reason for the World (featuring Five for Fighting and Chris Rice)

Questions and Answers: The Reason for the World (featuring Five for Fighting and Chris Rice) January 2, 2013

Two songs that aren’t Christmas-y, but together I think they make an appropriate Christmas couplet.  In this post, we are considering nothing less than the reason for the world. I hope you will join me in the discussion. In a slight change of pace, I’ve written this article for another blog, Retuned, whose proprietor Matt Linder asked me to contribute something when he saw some of my writing. This is a young website that was created to explore all genres of music and music culture from a Christian perspective. Though he and I have amicably agreed to disagree in some respects as far as musical taste is concerned (alas, he’s partial to heavy metal and holy hip-hop and doesn’t like 90s CCM), I appreciate the opportunity to add something to his site. Click here to read, and feel free to comment here or there!

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  • Are you yankeegospelgirl? I read your replies on the debate about treating Obama with Christian respect despite his policies, and I was so impressed by your honest, forthright & passionate comments. Well said! Blessings, John.

  • Yes, that’s me. Thanks for the kind words! Are you referring to a debate on my blog or the debate on Russell Moore’s site shortly after the re-election?

  • I was referring to the debate on Russell Moore’s site. I think you were absolutely correct to call it the way you did. As Christians we should respect our leaders and pray that they make good decisions in keeping with God’s will. But when the President continues to support issues (abortion, same sex marriage) that are obviously against His word, can we really be expected

  • to stand by and say nothing?I think you spoke from the heart and I respect that. Sincerely, John.

  • Ah, yes. Occasionally I find something valuable in what Moore has to say, but more often than not I think he’s distressingly off the mark. I fear he hasn’t thought through some things clearly enough. Thanks for your support. I hope it can always be said of me that I spoke from the heart. Sadly, I suspect that I’ve been banned from commenting on Moore’s site now. I’ve had to change my info to get a comment published ever since that thread.

  • Your being banned from the site doesn’t surprise me. Have you noticed that bible -believing Christians are being increasingly marginalised in today’s society? Didn’t America used to be the land of the free? Blessings, John.

  • I didn’t mean to imply that Moore isn’t a Bible-believing Christian. At the same time, my particular style of Christianity seems to make people uncomfortable at times. I just tend to tell it like it is. People who don’t want to have a forthright discussion are put off by that.