Tracy Stuffle Suffers a Stroke [Updated]

Tracy Stuffle Suffers a Stroke [Updated] January 22, 2013

I just now read that Tracy Stuffle has had a stroke. Libbi says that his right side is paralyzed and his speech is severely slurred. He had the stroke while driving, but thankfully was able to call for help. The latest update from Libbi was posted to Facebook at 9 AM and says that the latest CT scan has shown increased bleeding on the brain. They have been able to control his blood pressure with medication, but they may need to put him on a ventilator if his breathing is affected.
Tracy and Libbi are very well-loved among southern gospel fans, and I know that we are all holding them up in prayer during this time! Keep an eye on their Facebook page for further updates.

3PM Update: Tracy’s neurosurgeon is planning to drain the building fluid in his brain. The downside to this is that the catheter could itself cause more bleeding, or it could cause infection. His blood pressure is stable at this time. Libbi writes, “At 7pm eastern time 6 cst a mass of churches across the United States are gathering to have a prayer vigil on Tracy’s behalf. We would be so honored to have you join with them and my family. Thank you to everyone who has and is praying!!!!”
6:00 Update: Tracy’s son says, “Tube is in and draining blood off of dad’s brain which is good, they have him knocked out right now but hopefully we will get to see him awake tonight.”
7:45 Update: “Last time a few went in dad was wiggling his toes and moving his shoulder on his right side so hopefully he is getting some of it back!”
Update from Libbi:

Drainage cath was placed into brain to drain off blood from bleed out. The blood in the fluid cavities is draining off! We noticed movement about 30 minutes later. They now have Tracy sedated so all of his pressures can rest. He also needed a mouth inserted trach to open up his air way. Which is a breathing machine, not a vent! They’ve had to strap his left arm down due to him trying to pull tubes out.
As of right now, he is running a temp of 100. Sometimes this common because the brain controls the temp. But, Gonna keep an eye on it to make sure there’s not a infection somewhere.
They should be doing another CT scan Wednesday. I will update if they do. 

Latest update (Wednesday night): “I ask Tracy to squeeze my hand if he wanted me to stay with him and he grabbed my hand and wouldn’t let go!!! He’s having a little more movement on his good side. This made me happy, happy, happy!!!”

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