Support the Perrys

Support the Perrys February 26, 2013

There have been too many updates on Tracy Stuffle’s stroke for me to keep up with them all. I continue to point readers to the Caring Bridge website, where fresh news is posted daily. Things took a turn for the worse just recently when the drainage catheter stopped functioning, but the newest replacement now seems to be doing the job.
It’s been heartening to read about the outpouring of aid for the Perrys during this time (Lauren at View From the Pew has details on benefit concerts and other ways fans can tangibly show their support), but disappointing to hear of promoters who are cancelling booked dates because Libbi can’t leave Tracy, even though Joseph and Brian are continuing on with a fill-in alto. Libbi writes:

Questions have been ask [sic] when will I be back on the road because some churches and promoters are starting to not book or cancel dates. I wish it wasn’t this way, because I know the group is doing a great job!! I have told the agency that I will try to be back on the road by April 1. Sometimes you have to do what you really don’t won’t to do, but because of circumstances you have no choice. Thank you to those who do and have understood! I am forever grateful for your love and support.

I mean… I seriously don’t get it. Especially those who are cancelling. I do feel promoters should continue to book the Perrys despite this tough circumstance, but I’m especially angered by those who are cancelling previous agreements. Yes, Libbi and Tracy are the main draw for Perrys fans, but surely those very fans would by now be fully aware of what the family is going through and hence more motivated to show up in support. Ironically, promoters may be backing their way out of a nice profit.

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