Weekend Update on Tracy Stuffle

Weekend Update on Tracy Stuffle February 2, 2013
From Libbi:
What a day! Been a day of mixed emotions. We knew Tracy was gonna have to have the trach inserted so they could remove the breathing tube through the mouth. Early afternoon I was told that the drainage cath. going into his brain was stopped up and wasn’t draining. I had to sign the papers to ok for the Neuro Surgeon to replace the old drainage cath with a new one. With that, you have the risk of a new bleed, infection and other severe things. We prayed and then Randy (my brother) and I had prayer with the surgeon. Yes, the surgeon is a Christian and welcomed the prayer. Tracy’s neuro surgeon is Dr. Arthur Ulm. God has undoubtable placed him in our pathway for this appointed time!!!!! The surgery was a success!!!
The minute the new drain was in place it started draining!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!! The cranial pressure in the brain started dropping, which is what we needed to happen!
Shortly after the replacement of the drainage cath, Dr. Wilcox removed breathing tube from mouth and put a trach in. Everything with that procedure went good.
Earlier in the day they put a Peg feeding tube into Tracy’s stomach. So needless to say, it’s been a very busy and stressful day, but God is so good and we praise Him for His grace and mercies !!!
Tracy has had one of the sweetest, Godly nurses the past three days!! Her name is Ms Kay! She has rejoiced with us and cried with us. Today after the drainage tube was in place and working properly sweet Ms Kay raised her hands toward heaven with tears in her eyes and said ohhh, Thank You Jesus!!!!! It was truly a moment!!!!! Now, they will let Tracy rest over the weekend and next week if all goes well, will start slowly weaning him off the sedation to wake him up. This will be a very slow process, as to not raise the blood pressure.
We request that he has no visitors this weekend except immediate family members only so his body and brain can rest and heal.
Thank you to everyone who has prayed for my Sweet T!!! I will never, ever be able to thank you enough for standing with me and my family during this journey that God has chosen for us to travel. I wish I could take my heart out and show you my gratitude for everything that has been done for the past week and a half!!! Please DON’T stop praying!!!!!
I love you all!!!
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  • God is so good. We praise Him everyday….. We pray 4U too, Libby 4your strength N love. You keep us updated even tho so tired n sleepy. PTL. For all miracles. Squeeze his hand, certain he feels you with him. Checking everyday 2see updates N what Godis doing. Prayers n love, Billnlea. Mo. N. Calif

  • Ain’t God Good!!!

  • I am not surprised at all by the latest report about Terry. I know first hand about Gods healing. I have had several close encounters with death. I wont bore you with all of the details, but the last time was Kidney Cancer. God healed me of it and I am Cancer free after a year and a half. Lib, tell Terry he is healed. He and you just need to claim and believe it. God Is Good all the time!!!

  • Right now Tracy is starting to develop an infection at the brain cath site, so Libbi is asking that we pray for that to clear up.

  • I know that God is not finished with Terry. He will do what is best for him. Sometimes this is hard to accept because we want instant answers to our prayers. He answers in one of three ways. Yes, No and Wait.The last is the hardest to accept. We must trust him and accept whatever answer he gives us. Keep trusting and believing. God Bless.