Steven Curtis Chapman and Family on the Opry

Steven Curtis Chapman and Family on the Opry May 17, 2013

This live performance of “Life’s Railway to Heaven” features Steven AND his father and brother. Anyone agree with me that they sound and look (with the exception of clean-cut Steven himself) like the second coming of the Oak Ridge Boys? Herb Jr. in particular is quite a ham. This live rendition is even better than their studio cut, in my opinion.
[Note: Should have put this in the first draft of the post, but do check out Steven’s Deep Roots project, from which this arrangement comes! Available in mp3 form from Amazon and iTunes, physical from Cracker Barrel.]

Edit: Link broken.

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  • Janet B

    Ok – that was fun! You know, I never did get my hands on his new hymns cd. I keep forgetting. My bad.

  • David Bruce Murray

    The Chapman family band would be a great addition to NQC.

  • Yes, I quite agree. I’m sure we could find an opening somewhere, or if not, some artist who could be replaced. 😉 Or at least doesn’t need to be on stage 85 times. 🙂 (This is all in good fun just so everyone knows, I love NQC!)

  • Thought you might get a kick out of this little thing I wrote some 30 or 35 years ago for my little Grand-daughter:
    “Mary had a little lamb. His coat was green and shinny. And every time he hopped around, he bumped his little hiney”.

  • Oooh, I love this! They sound great 🙂