Toe-to-Toe: Ball Brothers vs. Mullins, "Who's Gonna Stand in the Gap?"

Toe-to-Toe: Ball Brothers vs. Mullins, "Who's Gonna Stand in the Gap?" July 31, 2014

BB vs. M
[Update: Brian has pointed out that Squire Parsons also recorded this song himself back in the 80s. If you’d like to hear that version for yet a third take, click here.]

Since some readers took offense at my appropriation of Steve Eaton’s “Smackdown” title for this series, I’ve given it a new name so as to accommodate everyone. 🙂 Today, I’m taking a hot new track off the Ball Brothers’ release Pursuit (review scheduled for next week) and comparing it with an old acappella version by the Mullins. The song is “Who’s Gonna Stand in the Gap?” written by Squire Parsons. Squire’s songs consistently deliver for me. He just seems to knock it out of the park every time, and this resounding call to action is no exception. It’s like a contemporary “Dare to Be a Daniel,” exhorting Christians to stand proudly for God.
The Ball Brothers’ version is the standout track on their new project and pulls out all the stops for a big band swingfest, while the Mullins’ version is more soulful. I was happy to discover the album that the Mullins’ version comes from, Vocal Point. Classy acappella reminiscent of the Haven of Rest Quartet or Glad. You can listen to both versions on Spotify. Check out the Mullins here. Then check out the Ball Brothers here. Which do you prefer? To me, there is a clear winner, but I will let you be the judge!

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  • Tad Kirkland

    While you’re there, Nothing To Bring Him But Me is on both recordings too. I’m thinking the non-traditional Mullins may have been an influence on the BB.

  • Yes, I noticed that too and put it in the review. It sounds like they took inspiration from that specific album by the Mullins, because I can’t find either of these two numbers anywhere else.

  • I actually prefer Squire’s arrangement that he recorded in the 80’s.

  • Oh, so Squire DOES have his own version. I just found it myself and added a link. Thanks for the note.