Tony Jarman, "One Holy Lamb"

Tony Jarman, "One Holy Lamb" September 10, 2014
Tony is pictured here furthest to the right in this rare cover with his face on it.

Recently it was announced that tenor singer Tony Jarman was stepping down from the Down East Boys. In my humble opinion, Jarman has never gotten enough attention for his voice. To be honest, I prefer it to some other much better-known tenors. It’s pure, warm and well-rounded, and it reminds me of the lead singer for 4Him. One of my favorite performances of his is the Poet Voices’ “One Holy Lamb.” His face doesn’t appear on most album covers for this project (or even the Youtube thumbnail below), because he left shortly after it was recorded, but it’s his voice on this number. Milan Klipa is the tenor featured in their live performances, like this one, but he’s not as rangey or powerful. In fact, you can hear him balking and pulling away from the notes Tony nails in the studio version. While several singers have tackled this standard, Tony’s version will remain the definitive in my book:
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  • Bobbie Wiseman

    I liked this post about Tony Jarman. I have always enjoyed his singing, too. Wondering if he ever recorded that song with Legacy Five or any other group. I only have one CD with Poet voices, and don’t know if he was in the group on it or not. Will have to check on that.
    Definitely enjoy your posts, and am glad I can keep up with emails or go online to do the videos . Good job on reporting the music and people I love to watch and hear!!

  • Tad Kirkland

    It’s hard to get due recognition when you don’t stuck with a group for more than a few years.
    Hey, Jeff Snyder’s version with the Greenes on Hallelujah is pretty great too.

  • Thanks Bobbie!

  • Hey, that’s a fair point. I’ve never heard Jeff Synder’s version before—will have to check it out.

  • Brad

    Tony is one of my all time favorite tenor singers! Generally speaking, the tenor part is usually my least favorite in a quartet (no offense to any tenor singers out there…I’m sure there are many people who don’t like the bass part, which happens to be my favorite). However, Tony has been one of my favorite singers in each of the groups that he has been a member. Poet Voices “Trust the Truth” project, which contains the song that you highlighted, is one of my favorite albums ever! It is very underrated, but deserves to be in the discussion with other great albums of all time.

  • Sue

    Tony Jarman as a true gift from God. When he sings the windows of Heaven open up. He ;pushed Michael English right out of top spot on my list of the best tenors. I pray he listens to God and does God’s will.

  • That’s interesting, I never thought of Michael English as a tenor singer before, but I guess range-wise you could have called him a second tenor back in the day.