Republican National Convention Roundup

Republican National Convention Roundup July 23, 2016

If we can’t make the case to the American people that voting for our party’s nominee is consistent with voting your conscience, is consistent with defending freedom and being faithful to the Constitution, then we are not going to win, and we don’t deserve to win. — Ted Cruz

I am uncharacteristically left speechless after the sad, sad events in Cleveland this past week. As Matt Walsh said, “not my circus, not my elephants,” but it’s still hard not to cry a little cry over the final bullet in the head of the Republican party. So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye to all that social/fiscal conservatism… stuff, I guess. I mean, minor details really. Not like we’re gutting the soul of the party or anything. Move along folks.

The only bright spot, of course, was Ted Cruz’s perfect balance of principle and savvy, reminding us of what Republicanism used to stand for and reminding us that far more hangs in the balance this election than the presidency. One of the most devastating potential consequences of Trump’s nomination is that discouraged Never Trumpers will not mobilize to keep Congress in the red, as dozens of seats are up for grabs. Cruz’s reminder to vote our consciences “up and down the ballot” was not just a subtle dig at Trump. It was a useful word of advice to real conservatives that there are still worthy senators and representatives out there who need their vote. By the way, I’ve seen a number of people condescendingly wag their fingers at Cruz for “breaking his pledge” by not explicitly endorsing Trump. (And how interesting that even Trump’s own supporters know good and well that “vote your conscience” doesn’t mean their guy.) What a lot of sanctimonious hoo-ha. I won’t even try to respond to all that better than the man himself.

But anyway, I thought about writing a little eulogy, until I read around and realized it’s all been said more eloquently than I can match. So, I refer my gentle readers to the following gems of wisdom. Take up and read:

Jonah Goldberg chooses Ted, ’nuff said

Maggie Gallagher on where the Republican party is going from here (spoiler, it’s leftward ho!)

Ben Shapiro adding his thoughts

Matt Walsh on what true conservative unity should look like (and why uniting around Trump isn’t it)

David French on how we lost the Republic in Republicanism

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  • Ted Cruz: another phony, smirking, non-conservative who keeps fooling Christians who should know better. He and his wife are a one-world, CFR-connected, Goldman-Sachs tools who are trying to set themselves up for a life similar to Bill ‘n’ Hill, where they make tens of millions of dollars “consulting” for the mega-companies that control U. S. policy.

    The Republican Party’s death should be welcomed. It began SPECIFICALLY to implement fascism–not the left’s definition of “fascism,” which is “anything that criticizes backwards or aberrant cultural practices that we can blame on racism–but the “American System,” a setup where northern industrialists used the power of government to rob part of the nation and enrich themselves, using “internal improvements,” a national bank, and tariffs. The GOP has done nothing but trot out one-worlder, pro-abortion, pro-big-government candidates and stop true limited government candidates from the very beginning.

    It’s utterly amazing how an oily, slimy phony like Ted Cruz can mouth Christian platitudes and pretend to be an outsider, and Christians so quickly lap it up. We should know better by now.

  • Since you seem to have such a nose for oily, slimy phonies, I can only assume you won’t be backing Donald Trump.

  • AngloHumphrey

    You seem like a nice person and are probably a better Christian than I, but I urge you to do more research about world history, economics and politics before you continue to comment on this election. One book to start with might be Pat Buchanan’s Suicide of a Superpower. That will give you a brief overview of some of the issues that are at stake in this election and may show you why many Christians have been supporting Trump, especially over someone like Cruz. You’re clearly an intelligent person. Use that intelligence to gain a deeper grasp of what is going on between the forces of globalism and state sovereignty. Once you study those, perhaps you may very well be a globalist, but from what I’ve read thus far, that aspect of things doesn’t even seem to be on your radar. So please do look into those before you continue to comment. You have a lot of good stuff and people read you, but on this political issue, it does look a bit like the blind leading the blind.

  • Well, you’re incorrigibly patronizing, but at least you’re polite. So, thanks for that, I guess. Have a good one!

  • AngloHumphrey

    I did sincerely mean the positive things I had to say about you. I’ve read many of your other posts and it is so good to find such solid conservative Christian commentary on so many subjects, especially from a female with the wit you have. I just hate to see someone I agree with so much on so many things (really appreciated your critique of Russell More and BLM) diverge so greatly on presidential candidates. Don’t get me wrong, I know Trump is an incredibly flawed candidate and person and its rather embarrassing how he panders to Christians and even more embarrassing how some Christians actually take him seriously on some of that stuff. But even with all that said, he’s the only candidate that is opposed to globalism, so the choices are clear. Yet, even on social issues, if he does win, he will most likely stick true to his campaign promises of nominating conservative judges and signing any pro family legislation though he may personally be indifferent on those issues. Im confident of this because anyone with an ego like his will want two terms and he knows if he betrays evangelicals in his first term then he’ll never have a chance at a 2nd. Hopefully in the future we may have someone with the anti globalist stances of trump combined with the Christian character we would all prefer. But until then, unless we want a continuation of GW’s brand of conservatism, we must take the good with the bad for now and change course. Nationalism vs Globalism is the future of politics (just look at Europe) and Christians need to wake up to these issues so they can speak intelligently about them and continue to influence for the good where they can.

  • Scott Clifton

    Wow, my first reply from YGG after numerous emails, Facebook posts, and queries!

    You’re quite correct in your assumption about Donald Trump.

    I enjoy your posts very much; you’re a very talented writer, and I appreciate your take on issues! The post you wrote years ago on lousy rhyming in Christian worship songs I’ve been wanting to write for years. (I guess my lengthy comments to you were lost….)

  • Ed

    “The whole modern world has divided itself into Conservatives and Progressives. The business of Progressives is to go on making mistakes. The business of Conservatives is to prevent mistakes from being corrected.” – Chesterton

    I know I speak blasphemy when I say this, but I’m not sure why most Christians don’t view libertarianism as the most compatible system for our faith. Without going into all the messy details on specific issues, the fundamental principle is on the use of force. Libertarians believe in very reluctant use of force, which is very beneficial to Christians and our ability to spread the Gospel. Conservative Christians never seem to imagine that if we attempt to force our morality onto others, that one day we will be out-voted and that same force will be used against us. A free society is the best condition for spiritual and intellectual enlightenment.

    Everyone has told me in the past that I am irrelevant and my vote is just a vote for the guy they don’t like since I rarely vote for a major party candidate. And I just tolerate it because I don’t typically care enough to try to change anyone’s mind when it comes to politics. But this is the year where I am finally proven true: that the ones who are really doing harm are the ones who don’t have the guts to vote for a third party candidate. If the world lives longer than America, I firmly believe the history books will identify all us kooky freedom-lovers as the ones who remained faithful to the founding principles and tried to snatch this great land back out of the hands of the wicked.

    Some of us have hope that the current state of the Republican party might cause some conservatives to wake up and really get back to classical liberalism, which republicans used to represent very well at one time. Conservatism aggresses for the power progressives use to destroy a society

  • Most libertarians are officially pro-“choice,” even though they should be anti-abortion as a use of force. This includes Gary Johnson. Therefore, in my view, he’s not acceptable for conservative Christians.

  • Ed

    I find extreme irony in this abrupt dismissal. I find “conservative” Christians and far left progressives equally difficult to reason with when it comes to politics for the same basic reason, which is that I simply cannot convince either to do their do-gooding on their own time and dime.

    But to just back waaaay up, first I would disagree that most libertarians are officially pro-choice. Good luck taking a poll; we think polls are dumb, and much prefer discussion. We had our chance with a pro-life libertarian in a few elections, but he’s gone now and not coming back. Conservatism already lost on the abortion issue. Why Christians continue to put their support behind the same philosophy that made such a disastrous mess of the abortion issue is quite beyond me.

    Abortions is NOT a difficult issue to resolve. But the real irony to me is that the current candidate you say is unacceptable is actually the one who would STOP THE MOST abortions. There are pro-life libertarians and there are pro-choice libertarians. NONE of them support funding organizations that run abortion mills, for example. Conservatism really did a great job putting a stop to that one, btw.

    When I discuss the abortion issue with even the most socially liberal, atheistic libertarians, I find that we frequently find very important places to agree. IF we are really serious about influencing the culture we have to recognize that the debates concerning the political philosophy we embrace in this country already happened a couple hundred years ago. The founders KNEW these kinds of issues were going to cause a problem. The sidelines and yard markers in this game are already drawn. Both conservatives and progressives can’t bear it, though….they simply MUST force others to do what they want, because both groups are convinced they know what is best for the people, whether the people know it or not. And neither side is content to concern itself with the real business of government. They both want to get in your bedroom and your habits and even into your mind and your soul. Both sides absolutely survive in the crevices that exist in the simple framework laid by our founders.

    Christianity is not a religion of FORCE. We do not convert by the sword. Yet conservatism has constantly engaged in power-grabbing, and won for the state a nice cozy place in the minds of the people. All it takes is to lose a couple elections, and your man is out, but the power you won for his POSITION remains. Certain theological perspectives that have thrived at various times in our country’s history has motivated many religious types to use the state as a weapon for evangelism, and that same fervor remains at times on some issues in particular. And we continue to suffer for it as a result, and pretend progressives are not just as sincere in their tender hearts as any conservative.

    If you want to save the unborn or convert the lost, then work to keep this country free. It is in the power of persuasion, NOT force, that we will find success. I think it’s wrong for people to fornicate. But I will not find one single conservative politician who would support a federal bill to criminalize fornication. Unfortunately, they wouldn’t even choose to not support it for the right reason, which would be because the Constitution does not grant that authority to the federal government. To keep ourselves locked in this useless, tired, and unreasonable abortion debate as it exists within the context of conservatives vs. progressives is absolutely foolish. You wanna save lives? Well, let’s do it then. Support candidates who will save lives….don’t just stand by letting it happen because you don’t want it if there isn’t an elephant on the guy’s t-shirt. I don’t think rape or incest is a valid reason to abort. But if I could stop abortion on demand with that compromise, I would absolutely do it.

    The answer to the abortion problem is already there for us, right in the basic principles of liberty. Most of the “issues” these clowns stand up and talk about, are utter non-issues already addressed by men who wore powdered wigs. Everyone claims to carry on their legacy but they look at libertarians as if they have an arm growing out of their head. You get on that freedom train though, and you begin to see that it creates the perfect conditions for Christianity to thrive. You have more than two choices! To loosely paraphrase George Clinton, free your mind and your lower half will follow.

    You strike me as pretty cool so I don’t feel comfortable using my typical witty snark, which amuses me even if no one else finds it charming. Unfortunately, I have failed to spare you my tendency to be verbose. I work way more than anyone should so at least you may not have to endure it often. I will try very hard to be more efficient with the space provided in the little box which becomes fairly large when I compose my replies.

  • I think you need a blog where you can work out some of your issues in a bigger box. 😉

  • Ed

    Haha yeah, you may be right. But that would take commitment I can’t spare. If it is any consolation, I haven’t posted comments on anyone’s blog in years. If I have one regret, it’s that I didn’t run this year. This was my time man, this was my chance 🙁