Friday Fun – Hummingbirds!

From the movie “Ray”:

Ray Charles: I hear like you see. Like that hummingbird outside the window, for instance.

Della Bea Robinson: [astonished] I can’t hear her.

Ray: You have to listen.

Della: [closes her eyes and listens] YES!

Ray: Yeah. Yes, you can… Uh-oh…did you hear that?

Della: What?!

Ray: Her heart just skipped a beat.

We have several ruby-throated hummingbirds migrating through The Briar Patch these days. Their hearts (the size of a grain of rice) beat approximately 1250 times per minute. Their wings beat 50 times per second. Per second!

Oh, and they’re trusting… Here’s a video and a few pictures of these phenomenal little creatures:

YouTube Preview Image

K with hummingbird

J with hummingbird

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