Three Smokin’ Clarifiers (and I Won’t. Back. Down.)

This week was Smokin' Hot.Since there has been so much wonderful back and forth and even a little bit of brouhaha about Monday's piece, I figured I would post a few clarifiers before bed here on Friday night.Fact is, the vast majority of responses have come in the form of an "amen" of one kind or another, and some of those have been heart-wrenching stories from women readers about the demeaning culture in some evangelical churches. There have also been a minority that have pushed back, … [Read more...]

The Subtleties of Shaming a Nag I don't plan to make a habit of posting media from Mark Driscoll on this blog, this one deserved mentioning if only because of the conversation happening here this week.When I published Smokin' Hot Wives & Water to the Soul, I truly had no idea that Driscoll would be preaching on Ephesians 5 and complementarianism in this week's sermon media. There is an amazing object lesson in this clip, though. And it has to do … [Read more...]

Smokin’ Hot Wives & Water to the Soul

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A couple days ago, Her.meneutics ran a great piece by Mary DeMuth on the current obsession among evangelical pastors/leaders with talking/tweeting endlessly about their "smokin' hot wives" - an obsession that has spread throughout American Christian culture.The post resonated with me.It resonated because, as I've mentioned before on this blog, I was once a part of the segment of evangelicalism that fosters this kind of attitude - the kind that makes leaders go on and on about their … [Read more...]

More On Unsexy Missional

Some of us missional Christians are wary of celebrity.This is a good, healthy wariness, especially since we live in a celebrity-obsessed culture that is typically mimicked by American Christian culture. We have celebrity pastors, authors, speakers, professors, worship leaders. We have some churches whose entire approach to "being missional" or  "culturally relevant" consists in creating the ethos of celebrity, where the leaders live flashy high-profile lives, hobnob with the famous, dress … [Read more...]

Ideologies of Death: Gosnell, Boston, Warren, & Guns

Let me start by saying that I undertake this post with some trepidation.And that's because the list in the title is unbelievably heavy. Writing about just one of these things would be difficult enough. But all of them?Additionally, finding a common thread among these items runs the risk of communicating to the less careful reader that they are in some way the same - which they most assuredly are not. The common thread I wish to unravel does not have to do with the circumstances of the … [Read more...]

Cigar Smoke & Conversation: Inclusion or Integrity?

This will be the first in, I'm sure, a plethora of posts about the inaugural Missio Alliance Gathering in D.C. that came to a close yesterday.It was simply an epic time. One of the many highlights occurred Thursday evening as a group of us got together at a local cigar lounge in old town Alexandria, Va. We all ended up staying past midnight - it was just that good. And toward the end I found myself in a conversation (listening, mostly) with Jared Byas, A.J. Swoboda, and Geoff Holsclaw, in … [Read more...]

Bringing Unsexy Missional Back

Next week, the long-awaited (for folks like me, at least) and much-Internet-heralded #futuregospel event will be happening in Washington, D.C. That is, the first-ever Missio Alliance National Gathering.And if I have one hope for this conference, this meeting of some wonderful and diverse minds, it is this: I hope we can bring unsexy missional back. Now, I'm not saying that Mike Friesen shouldn't dance like Timberlake in front of a lot of people, because he totally should you guys. And I'm … [Read more...]