My name is Zach J. Hoag, and I’m a writer, minister, and binge-watcher from notoriously non-religious New England.

I wrote a book called Nothing but the Blood: The Gospel According to Dexter, and I write in a variety of spaces like HuffPost Religion, A Deeper Story, and my personal blog.

This space, The Apocalypse Review, is all about presenting you, the reader, with “news and views from the end of the world.” But before you close your browser tab thinking this is some kooky end-times blog, rest assured that I mean this somewhat ironically. While many Christians are obsessed with THE END and all its rapturous details, I think there is a very real end that has come upon us. The end of the church institution as we know it in America. The end of Christendom.

These are post-Christian times.

TAR is a curated catalogue of the News, Reviews, and Opinion signaling this apocalypse – and heralding the hope that comes after.