We’ve Seen Megachurch. But How About Micro-Church? (Because How We Do Church Matters)

What happens around tables designed to encourage the people of God to see one another, face to face? I would argue that justice, too, begins on a micro-scale at our church. I thought this was a great complement to the Zahnd piece I shared yesterday. As this apocalypse of faith decline in the U.S. unfolds, how we do church will matter. It's not that a particular form will be the silver bullet, but rather that learning from the baggage of the past and innovating in the Spirit of the present, into … [Read more...]

Do We Still Need the Church? Brian Zahnd Gives a Compelling Answer

The church is always in danger of being ditched as a superfluous burden. The church is always just about to be jilted. The church is always down in the count and on the verge of striking out. The church is never as beautiful and winsome as Jesus, and at every moment the disillusioned are composing their “Dear John” letters. This may be the best thing I've read on "why church" in a very long time - and it just so happens to be in the form of a short blog post!But when the post is written by B … [Read more...]

I Believe the Light is Winning: a Sermon at MeetingPlace

I had the privilege of preaching at a new church in Bangor, Maine called MeetingPlace. To be honest, this might have been the most honest sermon I've ever given - in many ways, it encapsulates a (painful) three year journey and highlights a major turning point in that process. And, it's as clear a message on Jesus-centered faith that I've ever had the privilege of expressing.Ok, enough intro. Hope you enjoy it!https://youtu.be/h6q5Yq7VnTw … [Read more...]

We’re Never Gonna Survive Unless…We Get a LOT More Jesus-Centered

Back when I was a neo-Calvinist, there was a lot of talk about a "Christological" hermeneutic - or, in laymen's terms, a Christ-centered interpretation of the Bible.The big idea was that we needed to "see Christ in all of Scripture," including the Old Testament, in order to get the Bible right. And this seemed really good and even exciting for a while as we all tried to rethink our understanding of Old Testament stories and characters.King David, we all knew, was a "type" of Christ. But … [Read more...]

Bernie Says Her Name: The Story Behind Sanders and Sandra Bland

This is such a moving post about how Bernie embraced the Sandra Bland case to the extent that he said her name specifically in Tuesday night's debate (and said, "Black lives matter" more clearly than any other candidate): “Hello, I’m sorry, are you Mr. Sanders?” I asked. “I am,” he replied. “Well, I’m just over there having dinner with the mother of Sandra Bland and I thought maybe you’d like to meet her.” “Yes, please,” he replied. I got up to walk back towards our table only to see that Sh … [Read more...]

Is the Conversation About Consent Enough? Or Do We Need to Talk About Intimacy?

At the Washington Post, Jonathan Zimmerman is pushing for the latter - and it makes sense. And from my perspective, the church should be setting a very high bar here (we are not) in modeling the centrality of intimacy, and covenant commitment, in Christian coupling. And this, not as a way of shaming sex or bodies or even those who engage or have engaged in casual sex, but rather as the high call to which we are graciously invited, that completely affirms the goodness of sex and bodies and is root … [Read more...]

A Draft of the 1611 King James Bible is Found, Delighting “Onlyists” Everywhere

Ok, maybe you don't HAVE to be an Independent Fundamental Baptist King James Onlyist to be excited about this discovery: But now, in an unassuming notebook held in an archive at the University of Cambridge, an American scholar has found what he says is an important new clue to the earthly processes behind that masterpiece: the earliest known draft, and the only one definitively written in the hand of one of the roughly four dozen translators who worked on it. The notebook, which dates from … [Read more...]

Who Won: Bernie or Hillary?

Alternet is asking the question in light of the mainstream media's near-certainty that Hillary won, while the polls and focus groups show something else: Bernie Sanders by all objective measures "won" the debate. Hands down. I don’t say this as a personal analysis of the debate; the very idea of "winning" a debate is silly to me. I say this because based on the only relatively objective metric we have, online polls and focus groups, he did win. And it’s not even close. CNN focus gro … [Read more...]

Guns – We’re Here to Stay

Saturday Night Live was just so good the other night, mainly because Amy Schumer is just so good. The sketches were well written, and they were acted and executed even better, again, because Schumer.And, to top it all off there were even some great "commercials."Especially that one about guns.There must have been at least some debate in the writers' room about whether or not to run this spot this week, especially in lieu of the two college campus shootings that occurred last F … [Read more...]

Justin Bieber and Creflo Dollar Read the Lectionary

Both Justin Bieber and Creflo Dollar were in the news this week. And I admit, the circumstances were quite different. So different, in fact, that I won't be linking to the news stories about the Biebs but will happily display Dollar's contribution above! (I will add that one could certainly argue over which headline was actually more offensive.)However, a Complex interview with Justin made the rounds a week or so ago, which does add some linkable context to this post. Because in that i … [Read more...]