Josh Feuerstein (Starbucks Red Cup Watchdog) Appears on CNN and It’s Hilarious

Some American cultural moments are just too good not to share. By now we all know the whole Starbucks red cup fiasco is an insane Internet meme fueled by fear-mongering fundamentalists, but seeing Josh Feuerstein, the guy who made the video that has gone multi-viral, on CNN somehow makes it all worthwhile. It’s hilarious, especially the big Obama-bashing finish. Unbelievable: Read more

Doug Pagitt On Progressive Evangelicals – Is There Room For Orthodoxy?

I really appreciated Doug Pagitt’s recent list at Onfaith about progressive evangelicals. And I agree with him that this group – made up of those who identify as evangelicals (not denominational mainliners) but who are progressive in various ways – is growing. In fact, I’d likely number myself among them, even though I have spent time in a denominational (United Methodist) context for the last few years. As this category begins to define itself out of the missional/emerging/emergent dust-up of the last… Read more

WATCH: Rob Bell Talks About Taking Back the Word “Evangelical”

“I say we take the word back…I’m an evangelical. And I believe in good news for everybody.” Gosh, Rob. I am IN. Read more

Sorting out the Bible | Sarah Bessey Brings a Good Word on Jesus-Centered Faith

How Jesus changes the way I read Scripture Forgot to share this one a couple weeks ago – I absolutely LOVE how Sarah is expressing the impact of Jesus-centered interpretation on her faith. Especially her view of Scripture. Amazing quote here: Jesus reveals the Scriptures to us. How we read the whole of Scripture must be informed by the person of Jesus Christ because God is exactly like Jesus. The entire Bible—the whole story arc—must be read and understood through… Read more

Neo-Calvinism, the Nonelect, and Planned Parenthood: a Grand Kind of Farce

Last week I made a statement on Twitter about neo-Calvinists’ passion for defunding Planned Parenthood. Namely, I said it’s a little suspicious: I find the neo-Calvinist outrage over Planned Parenthood a little suspicious, you know, given what God is gonna do to the nonelect in hell.— Zach J. Hoag (@zhoag) October 27, 2015 For the purposes of this rather short post, my reasoning is simple: Neo-Calvinists (rightly) believe that God is the essence of perfect justice and holiness. But they also… Read more

3 Reasons Seth Haines’s New Book “Coming Clean” is a Must-Read

The image above is my endorsement for Seth Haines’s new book Coming Clean, out TODAY from Zondervan. And I meant what I said. In fact, I want to quickly break down my endorsement into three parts, which are really three reasons this book is an absolute must-read. Here goes: 1. Coming Clean is one of the most honest books I’ve read in ages – or ever. I guess you might expect this from a book that is called Coming Clean… Read more

A Few Differences Between Preaching and Teaching

One of my core callings (you know, besides writing and binge-watching prestige dramas) is preaching. And there’s a difference between preaching and teaching. Over the years I’ve struggled to understand and express this, and honestly I’ve heard it expressed rather poorly in the past. Some folks (who lean more charismatic and pentecostal) will denigrate teaching, implicitly if not explicitly, as being too intellectual, too “mind-y,” and not spiritual enough. Prophecy is one of the “best gifts,” they reason, and so… Read more

We’ve Seen Megachurch. But How About Micro-Church? (Because How We Do Church Matters)

What happens around tables designed to encourage the people of God to see one another, face to face? I would argue that justice, too, begins on a micro-scale at our church. I thought this was a great complement to the Zahnd piece I shared yesterday. As this apocalypse of faith decline in the U.S. unfolds, how we do church will matter. It’s not that a particular form will be the silver bullet, but rather that learning from the baggage of… Read more

Do We Still Need the Church? Brian Zahnd Gives a Compelling Answer

The church is always in danger of being ditched as a superfluous burden. The church is always just about to be jilted. The church is always down in the count and on the verge of striking out. The church is never as beautiful and winsome as Jesus, and at every moment the disillusioned are composing their “Dear John” letters. This may be the best thing I’ve read on “why church” in a very long time – and it just so… Read more

I Believe the Light is Winning: a Sermon at MeetingPlace

I had the privilege of preaching at a new church in Bangor, Maine called MeetingPlace. To be honest, this might have been the most honest sermon I’ve ever given – in many ways, it encapsulates a (painful) three year journey and highlights a major turning point in that process. And, it’s as clear a message on Jesus-centered faith that I’ve ever had the privilege of expressing. Ok, enough intro. Hope you enjoy it! Read more

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