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Film Chat

Watch: The awfully rushed martyrdom of Stephen from last night’s episode of A.D. The Bible Continues

The NBC series is holding steady in the ratings, but continues to lose viewers.

1More Film Blog

Mad Max: Fury Road Press Conference

Have you ever wanted to attend a press conference for a new Hollywood movie? Questions can range for the ridiculous--did you learn about cars--to the interesting--how were actresses treated by the mostly male, six hundred member crew. (And yeah, you heard that number right.)

Watching God

Age of Ultron May Be the Most Spiritual Superhero Movie Yet

Avengers: Age of Ultron has been out for, oh, about 90 seconds, and already you’re seeing them: T-Shirts, bumper stickers and mugs baring the slogan “Jarvis is my co-pilot.” We see the bumper sticker ever-so-briefly when Tony Stark’s flying the Avengers’ quinjet. It’s a quick glimpse, but it speaks volumes—Tony’s reliance on his disembodied computer [Read More...]

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