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Film Chat

Six cinematic interpretations of the Jewish elder Gamaliel

A minor character in the book of Acts has been used by various screenwriters to emphasize the ties between Judaism and Christianity, as well as the divisions and diversity within first-century Judaism.

1More Film Blog

The Churchmen — Season 1, Episode 1 Recap

Few American television shows focus on religion -- but this French series about five seminary students is worth a look.

Watching God

The Messy MacGuffins of Mission: Impossible

It might be a briefcase. A treasure map. A priceless statue of a falcon. A MacGuffin is an object of supersized importance to a movie’s characters—something they would kill or die for—but often are of little importance to the audience. And no franchise has made better use of the MacGuffin than Mission: Impossible. Through five [Read More...]

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