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Early Developments

The early history of the Baha'i faith (1844–1892), was mainly concerned with the establishment and survival of the religion in the face of fierce persecution and attempts to isolate its leaders from the main body of its adherents.

Schisms and Sects

There have been dissident Baha'is who have sought to create divisions in the community but they have been largely unsuccessful and the overwhelming majority (over 99.9 percent) of Baha'is today belong to one religious community headed by the Universal House of Justice.

Missions and Expansion

The planned expansion of the Baha'i faith has been one of the notable features of the religion since the 1940s when a series of systematic plans were put into effect, which have made the Baha'i faith a global religion.

Exploration and Conquest

The Baha'i faith has not existed long enough to have a history of exploration, conquest, and empire. It has, however, experienced a great deal of persecution in its 160-year-history, both in its country of origin, Iran, and elsewhere, going on to the present day.

Modern Age

The later development of the Baha'i faith (since 1892) has involved the spread of the Baha'i faith to all part of the world; the emergence of new communities in these areas; and the development of Baha'i institutions and of Baha'i community life.