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Ethics and Community

Community Organization

The concept of community in Islam has always been important for determining sectarian affiliations, which affect both practical and spiritual aspects of Muslim society. Sunni history manifests different and evolving concepts of how the Muslim community is to be led, organized, and structured.


Sunni imams are important community leaders who shepherd their congregants through major life transitions and counsel them in everyday civil and social affairs.

Principles of Moral Thought and Action

Islamic law assesses individual actions as they relate to fundamental values that each law tries to preserve. Ranging from individual well-being to property and wealth, these values form the basis of Islamic principles of moral thought and action.

Vision for Society

While pluralism has always been a factor in the Sunni vision of society as a whole, globalization and the contemporary political situation have made it easy for particular visions to dominate over the geographically and culturally diverse Sunni world.

Gender and Sexuality

Attitudes toward sexuality and issues of gender equity have always been a part of discussions in Sunni law. In the modern period, these issues take on greater significance, and the concept of gender identity has broadened in contemporary thought.