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CHICAGO, ILLINOIS and ENGLEWOOD, COLORADO (August 19, 2009) – and the Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions (CPWR), two leading organizations within the international interreligious movement, are partnering together to further dialogue and engagement worldwide.

Through this partnership, both organizations seek to enhance religious understanding and interaction globally at a time when cooperation between diverse religious and spiritual communities is essential to the peace of the world at large.  “We are thrilled to partner with, a company on the cutting-edge of furthering interreligious understanding through creative and engaging technologies,” says Dirk Ficca, Executive Director of the CPWR.  

“The Council for the Parliament of World Religions is unique in its ability to bring so many of the world’s religious representatives together.  They do the hard but necessary work of fostering interreligious understanding and harmony, while honoring the essential and precious nature of each tradition.  Patheos is proud to partner with the Council. “ says Leo Brunnick, Founder and CEO of Patheos.

Founded in 2008, is a premier online destination to engage in the global dialogue about religion and spirituality and to explore and experience the world's beliefs. Patheos is unlike any other online religious and spiritual site and is designed to serve as a resource for those looking to learn more about different belief systems, as well as participate in productive, moderated discussions on some of today's most talked about and debated topics.

The origins of the CPWR go back to the 1893 World’s Parliament of Religions, an event considered to be the birthplace of the modern interreligious movement. Today, CPWR seeks to promote interreligious understanding and engagement. Since 1993, the Parliament of World’s Religions has convened every five years in a major international city – Chicago (1993), Cape Town (1999) and Barcelona (2004).  The upcoming 2009 Parliament of the World’s Religions will be held in Melbourne, Australia, December 3-9.

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