, Largest Faith and Spirituality Website, Joins Top 500 Websites in the World, Largest Faith and Spirituality Website, Joins Top 500 Websites in the World

DENVER — April 15, 2015 — has joined the ranks of the top 500 websites in the world based on U.S. traffic, according to data released by Alexa.

Since launching in 2009, Patheos has grown to become the largest website about faith and spirituality, creating a rich dialogue from divergent faith perspectives — from Christians and Buddhists, to Atheists and Pagans, to Muslims and the "Spiritual But Not Religious."

The website was launched by husband-and-wife entrepreneurs, parents, and 20-year Web technology veterans, Leo and Cathie Brunnick, after finding there was a void of credible, comprehensive resources available online for exploring and discussing the world's religious traditions.

Patheos readers would agree. The site has experienced exponential growth, reaching 9 million unique visitors in February 2015, eager to join the conversation about the big questions of faith.

"Whether people come to us to read commentary about a current event, to explore a faith tradition different from their own, or to find inspiration and hope, Patheos fills a need in the world," said Leo Brunnick, CEO.

As meaningful as this achievement is for the company, nothing is more exciting to Patheos than its future.

"We want to continue to change how the world talks about and thinks about religion, elevating the dialogue around spiritual and religious topics, while providing a welcoming place for different belief systems to engage in meaningful conversations," says Cathie Brunnick, COO.

About Patheos

Founded in 2008, is the premier online destination to engage in the global dialogue about religion and spirituality and to explore the world's beliefs. Featuring many of today's best writers and bloggers on religion, faith and spirituality, Patheos is designed to serve as a resource for people looking to learn more about different belief systems, as well as to engage with others of a similar faith, and to participate in productive, honest discussions on some of today's most discussed and debated topics.

4/15/2015 4:00:00 AM