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Steven T Abell is a Heathen, a storyteller, and the author of Days in Midgard: A Thousand Years On, a collection of original stories based on Heathen myths. His live performances and his book have been well-reviewed and well-received by the Heathen community. As of 2013, he is also Steersman of the High Rede of The Troth, one of the major Heathen/Ásatrú organizations; any opinions stated in his articles are his own.

He grew up in a farmtown in central California, then attended the University of California at Davis, where he earned a B.S. in Mathematics. He makes his living as a software designer in Silicon Valley.

Steve came to Heathenry, not from some other religious standpoint, but from a rather stark atheism. He no longer calls himself an atheist, but he remains less interested in magical or supernatural issues than many pagans. Along the way, he learned to have constructive conversations with people whose views differ. Well, often, anyway. Steve sees himself more toward the left end of the Universalist-Folkish spectrum, and firmly in the libertarian-right corner of political space.

He came to storytelling by way of amateur and semi-professional stage acting, which was often his other full-time job. Storytelling puts him more in control of his time, and now he always gets all the good lines. One of the hints Steve received telling him that he really was Heathen was the manner in which the Days in Midgard stories came into existence.

You can reach Steve and learn more about his book, his thoughts, and Heathenry/Ásatrú in general at

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