An Election Celebration Moment: We Could Have A Female VP!

An Election Celebration Moment: We Could Have A Female VP! November 5, 2020

In all the chaos of election week and the tension of counting the votes, we keep forgetting this moment. We have a very real chance of having a FEMALE Vice President! Sure. We’ve had women who have run on the ticket in the past (quite a few, actually) but Kamala Harris has a real chance at being our next VP.

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Election: This Will Be Decided Soon

By the time you read this post, the decision of who will be our next president will (most likely) have been made. Obviously, my greatest hope is that Joe Biden will have won that race. But it is important to note the historic moment unfolding with Kamala Harris as his Vice President. She is female. She is an African American. She is an Asian American. And I could not be happier to have her represent our country as our Vice President.

Kamala Harris served as Deputy District Attorney in San Francisco, as the District Attorney of San Francisco (2004-2010), and the Attorney General of California (2011-2017). She has served as a U.S. senator representing California since 2016 where she sat on several committees, including the Judiciary. And she got national attention for her tough questioning of Brett Kavanaugh.

And I believe Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be an excellent leadership team in the White House. So much better than what we have had to endure for the past four years. There is a real chance to regain not only our standing on the world stage but to course correct this nation from the backward slide we have been on with Trump and the Republican party.

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Election: The Fight Will Continue

Based on his tweets (and attempts to sabotage this election with conspiracy theories from the get-go), it is obvious that Donald Trump will not do the right thing and concede if he loses. He has NEVER been a good leader. The last four years have proven this to be true. Hell. His behavior during the campaign and election/vote counting has proven this to be true. Trump has always played to his acolytes (aka “MAGA base”) with vitriol and lies. He will not change.

And I echo the lament for this nation offered by John Beckett. Those of us who believed there would be a referendum against the current administration have been disappointed to realize how many people actually “like” Donald Trump. And it is heartwrenching to watch it unfold as the votes are counted. It’s distressing to see how close this race actually is. We are on tenterhooks while lighting candles, saying prayers, casting spells to protect the election, and bind Trump’s continued influence over his “base.”

Everyone knows that if Joe Biden wins the presidency, Trump will stomp his feet and demand recounts. He will attempt to take the final decision before the Supreme Court (with his three appointed lackeys on-board). He is desperate to be “the winner” because he cannot comprehend anything else.

There is no more room for naivete (which I admit to having as well, John). The fight will continue all the way to the inauguration. So, this thing is far from over.


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Election: Let’s Celebrate The Moment

Despite the tension, the (weird) Trumpsters who can’t make up their minds if they want to “count the votes” or “stop the counting” (depending on the state and if Trump is in the lead or not), and the upcoming legal challenges. Let’s take the time to appreciate how close we are to finally have a woman in one of the top offices. A woman who is supremely qualified as a leader, who will bring a fresh perspective to the Biden administration, and help this country move forward. And I hope to be toasting to her victory very soon!

Make no mistake. She will face challenges but Kamala Harris is tough and will meet them head-on. She (along with Joe Biden) will have a tremendous opportunity to help marginalized communities, work toward reform in many areas, and be a voice for change. Hopefully, she and Joe Biden will also be able to reach across the aisle and help restore a working relationship in our congress. Something that hasn’t been possible in much too long.

Anyway, in this historic moment, I’m raising a glass to you, Senator Harris! I hope to call you Madame Vice President very soon.

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