Why do Catholics Venerate Relics? Get the Answers to your Questions.

Why do Catholics Venerate Relics? Get the Answers to your Questions. February 24, 2018

A reliquary at my son’s baptism. Personal photo, all rights reserved.

Relics: I know you’re curious.

We all understand kneeling beside the tombstone of a loved one and expressing our thoughts and emotions in that space.

What is a little harder to wrap our minds around is kneeling before the body of a long-dead saint, encased in a glass coffin, or seeing the skull of a saint preserved in a gilded box, or the heart of a saint kept in a different location than the rest of the body.

The Skull of St. Valentine
The Skull of St. Valentine by Alfvan Beem. Public Domain
Fr. Peter Mangum processes with the Heart of St. John Berchmans. Photo from facebook.

It can be unsettling to see these ancient practices in our modern world. Let’s be honest, you’re not sure what to think about it, and you have questions.

Go Ahead. Ask in the Comments.

This coming Monday evening I’m sitting down with an expert in relics to record an interview for next week’s episode. Put your questions in the comments and I’ll bring him your questions about the practice of venerating relics. Then listen next Saturday at 10 Central on the Oklahoma Catholic Broadcasting Network, St. Michael Catholic Radio, and Iowa Catholic Radio, or at 11 Central in our Episode Archive to get the answers you’re looking for.


Thanks to all who asked questions through social media. Listen to the episode here.


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