February 12, 2019

“We must make the transition from ‘the love of power to the power of love.’” ~ Dr./Professor Robert Atkinson   httpspixabay.comenlibrary-sky-birds-mystical-clouds-425730PixabayFree Images for commercial use No attribution required Change is inevitable. We can fight it, or we can embrace it. When we fight it, we are spitting in the wind and will most likely grow wet and weary. When we embrace evolution, we use our memories and knowledge to strengthen our shift in consciousness as we move into the future. We… Read more

February 9, 2019

When a loved one dies, it can leave us with such a strong longing to see them again, if only for a second, or just one-more-time.  This longing for a visitation from them can be consuming. What if…we could connect with them again and spend some valuable time together?  How often have you had a dream that made you sit up in bed and say, “Wow! That dream was awesome. It was just what I needed.”     Well, I… Read more

February 8, 2019

How often do we take something like a trip to the beach and its healing possibilities for granted? For some people, baring their body and soul it is not an easy thing to do. After reading this article, you may think twice about walking-on-by the next time you see someone sitting a bit anxiously on a beach towel. With all the bombardment we get from magazine covers and television advertisements with astonishingly perfect bodies, perhaps they are being their own biggest… Read more

January 27, 2019

What is the Key to living a healthy life? What are the next steps can we take to move beyond the limitations we have often allowed to define us? How can Spirituality become a part of this process? The words,  “Just get well,”  sound so easy yet it is difficult for many of us living with some form of addiction disease which can go beyond substances to include eating, relationships…and yes, even sex! Is there such a thing as an… Read more

January 18, 2019

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates OH, Baby, it’s cold outside! So tonight, plan to do something special, romantic and sexy for you and your loved one. Take a relaxing bath together with the olive oil from your kitchen! The secret to beautiful winter skin is out, and it comes in a bottle of olive oil from your kitchen. How intriguing is that? Often sexy secrets from the past will catch up to our… Read more

January 13, 2019

Why is it important for us to live life in the fullest expression? What happens to us when we make the “ultimate transition” after we have lived out our lives? Where do we go? What do we do? Are we alone?  Do we get another chance? Are we afraid?   These questions and many more are answered by the participants on our Expert Life Panel who include, Author/Actor Jim Phillips, Movie Producer Robin Jay, and New York Times Bestselling author… Read more

January 11, 2019

Are you aware that an alarming number of young girls mature into women who are plagued with low self-esteem, depression, weight issues, relationship problems, and substance abuse? They often self-medicate by using drugs and alcohol to quiet the chastising voices in their minds. To make matters worse, research and statistics show that the problems are growing, rather than diminishing, with every generation of women. Kenya E. Aissa and Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos discussed these topics on the Kat Kanavos Show. Obesity and… Read more

January 10, 2019

Recovery of any kind involves stages. Something as simple as getting over a cold or as complex as overcoming addiction can take similar stages. The cold virus is always out there, as are drugs and alcohol. When we have been stress it is easier to succumb to these illnesses. Then we must be successful at integrating the necessary stages to embrace wellness. As Dr. Jane Galloway states on her website, “We’re all recovering from something.” If you are reading this article… Read more

January 4, 2019

claudioscot-woman-2197947_1280-Pixabay-CC0-Public-Domain-FREE-for-commercial-use-No-attribution-required.jpg For you to become the master of your destiny, you need to dive into your subconscious mind, dream and reach into your super-consciousness.” ~ Ilona Selke We are living in consciousness and a consciously active universe where dreaming up impossibilities like Albert Einstein’s equation E = mc2 are everyday occurrences.  We then bring those dreams into our waking world, and the Big Dream becomes a Big Part of our everyday life. When is the last time you can honestly… Read more

December 29, 2018

“Sometimes science goes so far and then comes God.” ~Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos Welcome to the Empowered Woman Radio Show with host Gwilda Wiyaka and guest Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos. Listen as they discussed incredible diagnostic, precognitive and healing dreams from the book Dreams That Can Save Your Life: Early Warning Signs of Cancer and Other Diseases, featured on news channels nationwide. httpspixabay.comennewborn-kid-newburn-dream-sleepy-1328454-CCO-Public-No-Attribution-Required.png The book focuses on the Breast Cancer Dream Research Program headed by Duke University Radiologist Dr. Larry Burk. Kathleen is the… Read more

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