Akashic Records and iCloud: Your Soul’s Download? (AUDIO)

Akashic Records and iCloud: Your Soul’s Download? (AUDIO) March 20, 2016


The ancient Akashic Records and modern iCloud may have more in common than you ever imagined. As we progress deeper into the realm of storing invisible energy in the form of cyber downloads from our computers, smart-phones and other internet related devices are we tapping into a realm on the earth plane that runs parallel to the spiritual plane frequented by our spirit between lives- the realm that houses our Akashic Records.

Can iCloud be to our many computers what the Akashic Records are to our many lives? Is this all part of Universal Wisdom on multiple planes playing out parts in our multi-dimensional lives? Perhaps we are progressing back to the future with such ease we are unaware of our profound journey and just take it in stride. But many questions still haunt us.

Is there life before life? Can understanding your past lives improve your present one? And, is there such a thing as “karma”?

All these questions and more are answered during this incredible radio interview with award-winning Hay House author Dr. Linda Howe.

The radio interview link is posted at the end of this article for your listening pleasure.

Dr. Linda Howe is one of the world’s foremost authorities on the Akashic Records. She has authored three bestselling books on the topic of Akashic Wisdom, and as we discussed her new book, “Discover Your Soul’s Path Through the Akashic Records, we discovered there is much more to life-and-death than the here-and-now.

What is the Akasha?

According to Dr. Linda Howe, Akasha is the energetic history of the Soul. It is said that the Akasha exists all around us.

Her fabulous in-depth explanation illuminated a lightbulb in my brain concerning life, death and our energy. When your body dies and leaves this realm of existence, the soul and its energetic energy continues to exist, and downloads this lifetime’s history into its records.

If that explanation sounds too far-fetched to be plausible, think about the impossibility of iCloud. Akashic Records-iCloud. It makes sense.

 iCloud makes sure you always have the latest versions of your most important things— documents, photos, notes, contacts, and more — from all your devices, all the time and accessible from anywhere night or day, 24/7… memories and information for decision-making. All you need to connect is your password. Can you find it by accessing your Sacred Dream Doorways? 

Now imagine if your Akashic Records were your lifetimes stored in a spiritual iCloud accessible from anywhere at any time, just like your computer information in iCloud. But, with the Akashic Records each new location is a new lifetime, and you have access to all those lifetimes, all those downloads, all that personal information.

 What are some of the benefits of connecting with your Akashic Records?

 They can:

  •  take your life from ordinary to ExtraOrdinary
  • give insights into the mysterious realm of spiritual exploration first popularized by Edgar Cayce (“The Sleeping Prophet”)
  • help understand and chang disheartening, dysfunctional and/or self-sabotaging habits and relationships.
  • help you discover your soul’s path
  • shift your consciousness,
  • find healing to positively transform your life

What if you could download job choices and lovers of lifetimes past to discover why certain relationships or financial decisions in this lifetime work while others do not. Imagine how much happier, easier and fulfilled your life would be. Rather than repeating the same poor choices over and over again your Akashic Records could afford you the ability to learn from you mistakes in the past…as in past lifetimes, to improve your present and affect your future.

Working in the Akashic Records can remove significant blockages. Understanding this seemingly “esoteric” topic can dramatically alter your life by addressing personal questions about phobias, unexplained illness, relationship issues, black sheep syndrome and much more. Breaking this enormous concept down into smaller pieces like the iCloud example can help with comprehending the concept of the Akashic Records. .

Some of us have intuitively figured out the process of using iCloud. Others needed instruction. It is much the same with the Akashic Records.

Your Akashic Records are an innate personal gift; your birth-right. No one else’s records are identical to yours. It is important to understand the “history” of your Soul and how it can inform and improve your life today. As with most things in life, there are unique ways to tap into the vast, energetic library of the Akashic realm to access and open your personal records.

The key is remembering your personal password. Just ask Dr. Linda.




About the Guest: Dr. Linda Howe is the founder of the Linda Howe Center for Akashic Studies. She shares her inspired curriculum and new insights into this mysterious realm of spiritual exploration, first popularized by Edgar Cayce, for modern day seekers. Dr. Howe is the first person to make the Akashic Records available to everyone through her proprietary Pathway Prayer Process© so they may utilize the Records as a spiritual resource for personal empowerment and transformation. Her work is accessed globally through her popular online courses, books, workshops, personal consultations and more. Learn more www.LindaHowe.com


About the Show Host: Kathleen (Kat) O’Keefe-Kanavos is a TV/Radio Producer/Host of Wicked Housewives On Cape Cod™ and Author/Lecturer of the International award winning bestseller, Surviving Cancerland: Intuitive Aspects of Healing which promotes patient advocacy and connecting with inner guidance for success in health, wealth, and love, contributing author to Chicken Soup for the Soul: Dreams & Premonitions, PATHEOS Blogger and Columnist to Women Voices Magazine: SOUL and HOME, Kat taught Special Education and Psychology. She has been featured in newspapers, on CBS News, in American Express Open, and published in medical journals. Learn more @ www.AccessYourInnerGuide.com


CLICK the LINK here to listen to the show: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/wickedhousewivesoncapecodradiont/2016/03/16/kathleen-okeefe-kanavos-show-whay-house-author-linda-howe-marie-saint-louis

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