Your Wildest Dreams Revealed Series #6: Dead Loved Ones and Holidays

Your Wildest Dreams Revealed Series #6: Dead Loved Ones and Holidays March 18, 2016

Holidays, no matter how big or small, from St. Patrick’s Day to Easter to Christmas, can be difficult times after losing a loved one. Merriment turns to memories that become echos of lost love that shift into sweet sorrow.

Embrace those emotions because  grief is just another way of saying “I Love You!” Without love there is no grief.

Your loved ones may be out of sight but just as they are on your mind, so are you on theirs. And, they are only a dream away.

You have sent me many dream questions and I’ve been waiting for a rainy day to answer them. Well, it’s raining. So, I’ve shut off my cell phone and hung the Do Not Disturb sign I “permanently borrowed” from a hotel room on my door. In order to answer them all, I’ve created a dream series because I believe that by reading the answers to the dreams of others we enrich our dream life. Each section in the series will focus on answering your dream questions.

Today, your wildest dream questions are my main priority.

Your Questions: What does it mean to dream of dead relatives? I dream of my grandparents, as well as ancestors who I never knew personally, many of whom died in the German Concentration Camps like Auschwitz or Dachau during World War II. Usually they pop up out of nowhere in my dream and try to talk, but I have difficulty understanding them, or I try to go up to them, but I can’t. Are they real? What does this mean?

Dreaming of your deceased loved ones can mean a number of things. It can be:

•   A visitation

•   A memory

•   An aspect of yourself

A Visitation is a lucid dream that is an actual dream-visit by a deceased loved one returning to:

•   Share important information about an upcoming event in your life

•   Reassure you that they are okay

•   Introduce you to your extended family during times of crisis to remind you that you are never alone.

A Dream-memory of a loved one can:

•   Give you grief-relief

•   Help you work through your grief challenges in your dream so you can implement them in your waking-world.

•   Be an emotional Healing Dream

A Dream-relative aspect of yourself may:

•   Remind you of the personality you enjoyed or avoided in that relative

•   Point out strengths or weakness (by comparison) you may have forgotten you possess that may help you through a current crisis

Our dreams are Sacred Doorways to the where we existed before we were born and will return again. That place is full of departed loved ones who wait for us.

Love is something that we can take with us and will bring us back.

Occasionally, especially during holidays filled with memories and love, the veil between the living and the dead becomes thin. Messengers and family use the Sacred Doorways of our dreams to come calling.

Not being able to hear them as them speak is part of the process of death. But, seeing them reminds us that they are only a dream away in an alternate dimension. Write down what you do see in your dream journal. Try to read their lips and you may be able to figure out their message. It could be as simple as, “We Love You!”

I hope this helps to answers your incredible dream questions. Ask me anything in the comment box.

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