God Instructs and Guides Me to A Perfect Career

God Instructs and Guides Me to A Perfect Career December 11, 2023

Yes, God Instructs and Guides Me to a Perfect Career/ Image Courtesy of Bing Copyright Free Images

Yes, God Always Guides Me to a Perfect Career

God has guided me to a perfect career more than once.  In an earlier post I shared that God guided me to become a homebuilder. I spent a couple of years building houses.  With the support of my friend Mr. Clary, he allowed me to build on his lots and not pay him until the house sold.  A Superintendent to oversee construction of the houses was doing a great job.

You would think that I should have been happy that I was successful in this venture.  Yet I found that this latest career move was not bringing me joy.  Subcontractors were very unprofessional and difficult to deal with. When they saw a woman builder they thought they could take advantage of me.  I was growing weary of constant hassles with them.

Once Again I Turned to God for Guidance

So once again I turned to God for guidance.  I had no idea what my next career path would be. I knew that God would guide me. As Psalm 32:8 says, I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you.”

When I had my conversation with God many years earlier, He told me that I could always activate the Universe to help me if I said, “I KNOW (what I desire) is here right now” and “I THANK YOU for bringing it to me.”

So I said, “I KNOW that new career opportunity is here for me right now, and I THANK YOU God and the Universe for showing me what it is.”

And Once Again, God Provided

And once again, God provided.  I was still doing consulting work for several of the largest homebuilders in Georgia. Two of these homebuilders who attended a Homebuilders Association meeting were sharing the problems they were having with the mortgage companies who were processing the loan applications for their homebuyers.

It seemed that when a homebuyer chose to finance their home with an FHA or VA loan, the mortgage companies seemed to have lots of problems with processing the loans.

My consulting work for them revolved around FHA and VA new construction requirements. The primary problem the mortgage companies seemed to have related to FHA and VA guidelines. They decided to talk to me about becoming a Loan Officer and handle the loans for their buyers who wanted to finance with FHA or VA loans.

God Guided Me to Became a Loan Officer

Wow.  Become a Loan Officer.  What a great idea!  I knew several lenders we did business with when I worked for a homebuilder earlier, so I became a Loan Officer for one of them.  Little did I know that I would be entering an industry that worked in total chaos.

There was nowhere to take classes on mortgage finance, and I was told that they would train me.  Right.  I discovered that nobody had time to train me, so I was on my own.

I’m enterprising, so I was able to find the information I needed. I still made many mistakes that I could have avoided if I had been properly trained.  I was making good money, but I was exhausted and stressed to the max.

The Money Wasn’t Worth the Stress I was Under

I was paid my commission monthly. One night I was sitting at my kitchen table, looking at my commission check, which was over $8,000.  After taxes, my net pay was about $5,000.  I took out my calculator and calculated what I made per hour, based on my 80-hour weeks.

Imagine how shocked I was to discover that I was only making about $15.00 per hour!  Geez, that didn’t seem like enough money to compensate for my level of stress.

I had spent about a year on this job, and I didn’t see how I could continue. It was literally making me physically sick, as evidenced by the broken blood vessels on my back that the doctor said were caused by stress.

Once Again I Turned to God for Guidance

So I once again turned to God.  I felt guilty asking for a new career move, since God had just gotten me this latest career move, but I just asked Him to please find me something else.  I was so exhausted that I didn’t even speculate on what it could be.  I just surrendered it into God’s loving hands.

And God once again provided!  A couple of weeks after my conversation with God, a realtor contacted me and explained that she had just lucked into a contract with a homebuilder to market and sell the homes in his new subdivision.

Now she was panicking because she had NO IDEA how to market and sell new homes.

This Realtor Felt Led to Contact Me

She told me, “I’m panicking!  I didn’t know how I was going to pull this off, when YOUR NAME POPPED INTO MY HEAD.” She reminded me of the success I had as an on-site Sales Agent, selling all those homes the year interest rates hit 16-1/2.

“Is it possible that you would consider teaching a class on marketing and selling new homes?” she asked.  “I know a bunch of realtors would be interested in that class.”

She Wanted Me to Teach a Class!

Teach a class on new home sales?  Something I knew so well?  Teaching was something I never thought about as a career move.  This was something that intrigued me.

I told the realtor that I would think about it and get back to her.  I then turned to God and asked for guidance.

Currently I was earning about $5,000 per month after taxes as a Loan Officer.  Could I make that much money teaching?

I Took a Leap in Faith

Taking a leap in faith, I decided to send out a flyer to all the real estate companies in Atlanta.  I advertised a one-day class on marketing and selling new homes, and I was charging $50.00 for the class.

We had a flyer service back then that would create the flyer and deliver it to the realtors, so I engaged them to get that flyer out.

Over 100 Realtors Signed Up for the Class!

I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I was shocked and delighted when OVER 100 REALTORS signed up for the class!

Wow!  I would be making over $5,000 in ONE DAY!  It took me 30 days at 80 hours a week to make that much money as a Loan Officer!  I got my confirmation!

Now I had to Create the Class!

Now I flew into a panic when I realized that I had to sit down and CREATE THE CLASS!  I discovered that I could see exactly the best way to teach that class, and the information just flowed.

The Class was a Huge Success!

The class was a huge success, so I quit my job as a Loan Officer after I found a good replacement for my two homebuilders.  I was thrilled with the new direction my career had taken! I ended up teaching that class for many years.

Another Teaching Opportunity Came My Way

In the meantime, I was contacted by a local bank that wanted to offer a class on Mortgage Finance, and they wanted me to teach the class.  So, I agreed to teach that class as well.

After about a year, they merged with another bank and didn’t want to continue offering the class, so I decided to open my own mortgage finance training school.

I Opened My Own Mortgage Finance Institute

In April of 1986, I officially opened Capstone Institute of Mortgage Finance, the first school in the country to offer mortgage finance training.  After almost 40 years, I’m still teaching my mortgage classes. I finally found my perfect career!

God is so Good!

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