Have You Recently Lost Your Job?

Have You Recently Lost Your Job? January 29, 2024





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Have You Recently Lost Your Job?

Have you recently lost your job?  The statistics on job layoffs are alarming. The pandemic has caused many companies to downsize.  I just read yesterday that job layoffs in 2023 were 98% higher than 2022, and this year is expected to be no better.

Even a dear friend of mine, who had a high-level job with her company for over 10 years, was laid off in December. And she isn’t the only person I know who was laid off.

Job Loss is Scary

If you have recently lost your job, you know that job loss is scary.  And job hunting today is something I don’t understand.  When I ask people what they are doing to find a job, they state that they are emailing resumes…hour after hour, day after day, week after week.

Geez, there is NO WAY I would use this method if I were looking for a job.  I’ve always decided the job that I wanted to do, and then I found companies that fit my profile of that perfect company.

First and Foremost, Release Your Fear

If you have lost your job, first and foremost you need to release your fear and THANK GOD for that perfect job. But this is only the first step.  I will always remember a comment I shared in an earlier post that was made by a man in my church who was laid off at Christmas. And his first reaction was FEAR.  Plus, his thoughts were filled with everything that could go wrong now that he was unemployed.

So this man chose to release the fear, and he made this statement OUT LOUD: “For me to be UNEMPLOYED is for God to be UNEXPRESSED.  And that is impossible!”  He had a better job by the first of the year making more money.

The Second Step is to Take Action

The second step after losing your job is for you to TAKE ACTION and do your part to find that perfect job.  And believe it or not, the beginning of the year may be the perfect time to get proactive.  Many companies are planning their personnel needs for the new year.

I was laid off from my job years ago right at Christmas.  While it was a rotten thing for the company to do, I wasn’t going to panic. Instead, I sat down and wrote out every task that I performed for that company, prepared my resume. And then I looked up companies that were in the same line as my former employer.

Then I picked up the phone and started calling for an appointment.  I had another job by the first of the year, making more money than my previous job.

Many of You Won’t Believe Me

Many of you who have lost your job probably won’t believe me.  I can just hear some of you who are reading this post thinking, “This woman has no idea how difficult it is to find a job today!”  Yes, I do know how difficult it is if you believe it’s difficult.

But I also know that YOUR THOUGHTS CREATE YOUR REALITY.  So you must first release your FEAR, and the belief that there are no jobs available.

Philippians 4:6-7 says Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.

This Man Lost His Job Over a Year Ago

 A friend asked me to talk to his buddy, who lost his job over a year ago.  He was worried that his friend was falling into depression and despair.  And he knew I had helped others find that perfect job, so he was hoping that I could help.

So, I called this man and asked if I could help him find a job.  He was surprised that I called, but he didn’t believe that I could help him.  He stated that he was 50 years old, and he believed that many companies would not want to hire him due to his age.

I explained that many companies were looking for older employees.  They have found that older employees have better work ethics.  I also mentioned that his years of experience were an asset when looking for a job.

He Had an Excellent Work History

So, I asked him about his work history.  He explained that he was a commercial construction engineer.  And then I asked him if he felt that he had excellent skills in a particular area of commercial construction.  He explained several projects he had worked on, and he felt these projects were successful due to his skills.

I asked him if there was one particular job he worked on that he especially enjoyed.  He took a minute to think about it, and suddenly his voice became excited as he described his contribution to that project.

He Got Excited About His Contribution

At last, he showed some excitement about his contribution to a project.  So, I asked him if there was another company that did the same type of construction.  He mentioned a particular company in our city, but then proceeded to tell me that they weren’t hiring.

So, I suggested that he had nothing to lose if he drove to their office and dropped off his resume.  What if they were planning a new project that could use his excellent engineering skills?

He Finally Agreed to Drop Off His Resume

Finally, after much encouragement and cajoling, he agreed to drive there and drop off his resume.  Now, I told him that we were going to affirm that this trip would be successful, and the perfect job was here for him right now!

Of course, he balked at saying this affirmation, but I told him how powerful his thoughts and words are.  Also, I explained that the more he affirmed that perfect job, the sooner he would receive it.

And finally, I talked him into repeating that affirmation before we finished the call.  But I had my doubts about his prospects.  I knew that depression and despair can block the blessings that God has for every one of His children.  So, I said a prayer on his behalf.

He Drove to the Office to Drop Off His Resume

I answered the phone a few hours later, and it was this man.  He was so excited that he was shouting and talking too fast for me to understand.  I asked him to slow down and tell me what he was so excited about.

So, he took a deep breath and told me that he walked into the lobby of this office and up to the Reception Desk.  When the woman asked him if she could help, he said “I would like to drop off my resume. I believe I have certain engineering skills that would be beneficial to a particular project you are working on.”

Sadly, this bored woman wasn’t interested in hearing about his expertise.  She just told him to drop off the resume and she would pass it on.

Something Amazing Happened!

So, he dropped off the resume, feeling disappointed and even more depressed when something amazing happened.

A man who was walking through the lobby overheard the conversation.  So he walked over to the man and introduced himself.

He was the CEO of the company!  And he had overheard this man mention his engineering skills.  And he said, “Let’s go to my office and talk.”

God Stepped in to Help This Man!

Now what are the odds of the CEO walking through the lobby at the same time this man was dropping off his resume?  I believe that when this man TOOK ACTION, then God matched that action.

This man hired him on the spot!  So, he took that Leap in Faith and went from being unemployed for over a year to getting his dream job.

You, Too, Can Take a Leap in Faith!

Yes, you can take a leap in faith.  If you have lost your job, why not write down what you envision as your next perfect job?  This will help you GET CLEAR on what you want.  And now you can research companies that could use your experience and skills and TAKE ACTION by contacting them.

It’s time for you to trust that your perfect job is waiting for you to go for it!  You deserve it!


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