You Can Manifest Anything You Desire!

You Can Manifest Anything You Desire! February 5, 2024

You Can Manifest Anything You Desire! Image courtesy of Bing Copyright-Free Images

Yes, You CAN Manifest Anything You Desire!

Yes, you CAN manifest anything you desire! I am constantly amazed at how God provides for our every need, no matter how small. Mark 11:24 tells us, “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”

I have shared in earlier posts how I visualized my perfect house on two separate occasions, after which I thanked God for that perfect house.  On both occasions, my perfect house became available THE VERY NEXT DAY.

I also discovered that I could manifest anything I desired.  It didn’t need to be something major, like the perfect house.  It could be as small as the perfect dress!

Yes, I Realized I Could Even Manifest a Dress!

A local business association I belonged to invited me to give a speech and present awards at their annual ceremony.  It was an an honor to be selected.  But then I panicked, wondering what to wear!  Yikes!  I need to go shopping and find that perfect evening dress!

So, I sat out one Saturday to find the perfect dress.  And I went to every single mall in my area, looking for the perfect dress to wear to that function. Unfortunately, I was having no luck at all.  

 I Wasn’t Having Any Luck Finding that Perfect Dress

 FINALLY, when I drove 50 miles away to another mall and still had no luck, I sat down on a bench in the atrium of that mall, exhausted, frustrated, and worried. “What am I going to do? I wondered.  “I have exhausted all avenues.  And not one single dress even came close to appealing to me.”

And then I thought, “What exactly would be my perfect dress? So, I closed my eyes and began to visualize it.

I Finally Visualized That Perfect Dress

I visualized a beautiful red dress with a bodice that is cut straight across with scalloped lace.  The entire top portion down to the waist is made of this lace, and it has long lace sleeves.   And the skirt is a dropped waist red taffeta that hits me right at my knees and billows out.

So, once I GOT CLEAR on that perfect dress, I made a positive affirmation to God, “I THANK YOU God for this perfect dress, and I THANK YOU for guiding me to the right place to find it. Plus, I pay no more than $100 for it.”

 And Then I Took Action

Now I had to go find it!  The very last store in this mall was J. C. Penney.  So, I took a deep breath, walked into the formal section of J. C. Penney, and browsed through the rack of cocktail dresses. And I was very disappointed when my dress wasn’t there and nothing else appealed to me.

As I turned around to leave the store, I saw one of the sales ladies walking out of the Dressing Room CARRYING THE DRESS I HAD VISUALIZED!  I ran over to ask her about the dress, and she said, “This dress was on hold, but the person never returned, so I’m putting it back on the rack.  It’s really a great deal.  The price is marked down to $99.00.”  And OF COURSE, the dress was in my size!

When I GOT CLEAR, and then TOOK ACTION, I Manifested It

What are the odds that I show up on the day that my perfect dress, that was on hold, just waiting for me, would be brought out at the exact moment I was there?  I choose to believe that I used my God-Given power to manifest it! It’s just a shame that it took me so long to do it!  Perhaps I could have found it at the first place I went to!

Here is Another Manifesting Experience

I’m reminded of another incident that occurred years ago when I was shopping with a friend of mine.  She had a business function she needed to attend and wanted to get a nice suit to wear.

So, we scoured the local Macy’s, looking for that perfect suit.  She must have tried on a dozen suits, but nothing seemed right.  We did see one suit that she and I both liked; unfortunately, it wasn’t available in her size.  She was disappointed, but she decided to try on a couple of suits that she figured “would have to do.”

I Manifested the Perfect Suit for My Friend

While she was in the dressing room, I made this statement: “Dear God, I KNOW you want her to receive the Desires of her Heart, and I know ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!  I’m going back to look for that suit in HER SIZE.  Thank You, Lord, for providing.” 

And then I took a deep breath and started back in that direction.  So, I went back to the rack of suits we had looked through before, and I began going through them again.  And GUESS WHAT!  There was the suit IN HER SIZE!  So, I carried that suit over to the women’s dressing room just as my friend exited the stall.

My Friend was Thrilled to Get The Suit She Wanted!

I held up the suit that she really liked, and I said, “Look what I found – IN YOUR SIZE!”  She let out a big laugh and ran over to get it.  And she took it into the fitting room and tried it on, and it fit her perfectly!

Perhaps you believe that the suit was there all along, and that we just missed it.  I understand your skepticism.  And I admit that it took me a long time to realize that I could affirm and manifest ANYTHING, even a special dress!

I Have Manifested the Perfect Dress or Outfit Many Times

Now I manifest the perfect dress or outfit all the time.  I close my eyes and visualize a particular outfit before I go shopping.  And when I get a clear image in my mind, I make the statement, “Thank You God for my perfect outfit.  I KNOW I find it today!”  And I usually find it quickly!

My friends all love going shopping with me.  They end up with items that look fabulous on them, and always spend much less than they thought they would have to spend.

It’s Time for You to Begin Manifesting Your Desires!

And now it’s time for you to take a leap in faith.  God has given you the power to create whatever you want.  So, Claim Your Power and Begin Manifesting Your Desires!  Just close your eyes and visualize your desire.  It could be a perfect job, a perfect house, or car, or outfit!

And when you GET CLEAR on it, then AFFIRM IT, and THANK GOD for it.  Now you must TAKE ACTION and go out and find it, trusting that you will find it quickly and easily.

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