What is the Spiritual Meaning of a Rainbow?

What is the Spiritual Meaning of a Rainbow? February 19, 2024

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Yes, What is the Spiritual Meaning of a Rainbow?

What is the spiritual meaning of a rainbow?  The internet website called A Little Spark of Joy provides a wonderful analysis of the spiritual meaning of rainbows. This article states, “A rainbow always appears when the dark clouds are dispersing. The storm is over, but there are still a few clouds scattered about. The sunshine, however, has broken through the clouds and is shining down on us.

“Because of this, seeing a rainbow is often a spiritual sign that good luck is coming your way. Perhaps you have been through your own personal storm, with a run of bad luck marring your journey in life. But, with the rainbow appearing, you are given a message of hope and faith.

“The rainbow reminds you that the universe is on your side and you have the strength to carry on. You just need to have that faith, and the rainbow will guide you toward happiness and peace.”

I Had an Experience With a Rainbow

Yes, I had an experience with a rainbow. Whenever I have experienced unhappy circumstances, God has always shown me that He was aware of my problems, and they would all work out. I’ve had my ups and downs in the past, just like all of you. Back in the 1990s the mortgage market took a downturn when interest rates started going up and people stopped getting mortgages. Since I run a mortgage training institute, my business suffered.

A friend of mine invited me to visit her and her family in a small town in Texas, and I decided it would be a good idea to get away and get my mind off my declining business. I had a great time and when I was ready to leave, I had to take a small 20-seat commuter plane to the Dallas airport.

It Was a Bumpy Ride on That Plane!

It was a bumpy ride, with a terrible thunderstorm raging outside the plane’s window. I noticed everybody’s white knuckles as they clung to their seats. I just thought, “What’s the worst thing that can happen? The plane crashes, I die, and I won’t have to pay all my debts.”

Pretty negative thinking, but what can I say? I was depressed. We finally calmed down and I continued reading my book when suddenly it was as if two invisible hands took my face and turned it toward the window. I had no idea what was going on. All I saw was big dark clouds.

I Saw a Magnificent Rainbow!

But suddenly those clouds parted – and I saw a MAGNIFICENT RAINBOW! Right there outside my window! I could have reached out and touched it! And while I was gazing in awe at this magnificent site, a voice spoke to me and said, “Kathy, this is for you. Everything is going to be just fine.”

And it was. Within the month new business came in and I was back on track. Wow! You have no idea how very much aware God is of your problems. But I tell you that “All things work for good to those who love God.”

That Experience was Life Changing

That experience was life changing. Sometimes when we are deep into our problems, we tend to believe that we are all alone, that nobody understands what WE are going through. This experience with the rainbow taught me that this was not true.

What I have come to understand is that we create these challenges in our life for the lessons we want to learn. Each challenge gives us the opportunity to fall into victimhood, or to overcome the challenge and rise to victory. When I saw that rainbow and heard God speak to me, I said, “Thank You Lord. I’m so very grateful to You and I know there is a solution to my problems.”

My Business Improved Greatly!

Upon my return to work, I received a phone call from a former student who had taken my FHA training course in Atlanta and subsequently moved back to New York. He was calling to beg me to come to New York to teach FHA guidelines. He told me that this training was desperately needed there. And he was willing to help promote the class! Wow. Out-of-state training. Why didn’t I think of that!

That one class in New York opened the door for me to teach all over the United States. My income more than tripled that year over the amount of money I had earned before. If I had been super busy in Atlanta, I may have turned down the opportunity to travel. See how things have a way of working out? You just never know when one door closes another door opens.

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