Manifesting Miracles is a Habit You Can Acquire!

Manifesting Miracles is a Habit You Can Acquire! April 8, 2024

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Yes, Manifesting Miracles is a Habit You Can Acquire

Did you know that Manifesting Miracles is a habit that you can acquire?  It’s true!  What if you could get into the habit of expecting miracles every day? For example, what if you oversleep?

Instead of freaking out and yelling, “Oh no!  I’m going to be late for work!” you make the statement, “I have more than enough time to get to work.” And you are on time.

My Friend Iris Discovered How to Manifest a Miracle

My friend Iris told me that she overslept on the morning she was scheduled for her dialysis treatment.  She freaked out and started yelling, “Oh no!  I’m going to be late for my treatment!  What if they can’t take me?  What if I have to re-schedule?  How will I cope without this treatment?”

Her mind was filled with everything that COULD GO WRONG.

And then she told me that she remembered what my way of handling this crisis was.  She said, “So I took a deep breath, and stated, I KNOW I have more than enough time to arrive at the hospital on schedule!  Every stop light I come turns green quickly!”

Sure enough, she told me that she hit every single green light on her way to the hospital, and she arrived on time!

If You Hate Traffic Like I Do, You Can Manifest This Miracle

What if traffic is always a major hassle for you each morning as you drive to work?  Your typical comment as you walk out the door is, “Traffic is always such a hassle!  I dread getting out in it.”

And, sure enough, traffic is a major hassle.

Instead, what if you Manifested a Miracle and stated as you were walking out the door, “Thank You Lord for a smooth and easy drive to work.  Every traffic light I come to turns green quickly and I sail right through!”  And you hit every green light!

I must sheepishly admit that I don’t like driving in traffic, and I am the one who used to make this negative statement.  But once I awoke to just how powerful my thoughts were, I changed that statement to the positive one above.  And 98% of the time every traffic light turns green quickly.

My Friend June Gained Confidence and Manifested a Miracle

Or what if you have a huge project you are working on with a deadline looming?  Your typical comment is, “I don’t see any way I will finish this project on time!  There is just too much left to be done!”  And you don’t finish the project on time.

Only this time you state, “I finish this project on time and within budget, and Management loves it!” And you do, and Management compliments you for a job well done.

For weeks I listened to my friend June complain about the major project she was working on.  June continually stated that she couldn’t possibly finish it on time.  And she also mentioned on several occasions that her team wasn’t giving her much help or support.

I Had a Hunch June Felt She was Out of Her Depth on This Project

I had a hunch that the real reason June was dragging her feet on this project was because she felt that she was out of her depth on this one.  Yet I knew June was brilliant at her job.  She just needed to believe it.

So, I asked her to break down the details of this assignment, and when she finished, I said, “Every detail you pointed out is something that I KNOW you excel at.  You’ve got this June!  You just need to have confidence in your ability.”

And I then had her repeat the positive statement from above, “I finish this project on time and within budget, and Management loves it!” And she did, and Management gave her a very deserved promotion!

My Fearful Student Affirmed and Manifested a Passing Grade

What if you are a student with an important exam coming up?  You state, “I know all that I need to know in order to pass this exam easily!”  And you ace that exam.

I run a mortgage training institute. And when I was teaching the Mortgage Loan Originator Pre-Licensing Class a few years ago, I overheard a student talking to another student, “I hear this is a really tough test.  And I never do well on tests.  I’m just worried that I won’t pass it.”

 I Got Her to Affirm a Passing Grade and She Passed the Exam!

So, I pulled her aside when class ended that day and said, “Wendy, your negative comments could end up creating just the situation you fear – you won’t pass this exam.  Yet everything you are learning in this class provides all the information you need to pass that test. 

 “So, repeat after me: ‘The information in this class provides everything I need to pass this test.  And I pass the test easily and effortlessly!”

 She repeated this statement every day she was in my class.  And she passed the national exam, scoring 87!

You Too Can Manifest Miracles!

You too can manifest miracles.  Even the Bible tells you this.  Psalm 77:14 states “You are the God who performs miracles.”  Each of these true stories are examples of exactly what could happen to you if you are willing to WAKE UP to the truth of how powerful your thoughts are!  Every thought creates your reality, so be careful what you think.

So, you are manifesting with each thought you think or word you speak.   And you have the power to choose the High Road, and manifest your dreams, or the Low Road, and remain stuck in your lack and limitation.

Which will you choose?




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