You Have the Power to Manifest Whatever You Desire 

You Have the Power to Manifest Whatever You Desire  April 1, 2024


You Have the Power to Manifest Whatever You Desire/Image courtesy of Bing Copyright-Free Images

Yes, You Have the Power to Manifest Whatever You Desire

You have the power to manifest whatever you desire.  Remember the story of Aladdin and his magic lamp?  Aladdin rubbed the magic lamp and called forth the genie to fulfill his wishes.  And you, too, can manifest all your wishes simply by saying the magic words, “THANK YOU.”

This can be “THANK YOU GOD, or Universe, or Holy Spirit, Divine Mind, Infinite Mind, Buddha, Allah…”  It doesn’t matter WHO you thank, if you recognize a higher power that wants to fulfill your desires.

You Have the Power to Manifest Quickly by Expressing Gratitude

The key to fulfilling all your dreams is Gratitude.  EXPRESS GRATITUDE and watch your dreams manifest quickly.  And there is ALWAYS something you can express gratitude for, even if it’s for being able to see, hear, speak, and walk.

So, just saying THANK YOU activates the Universe to provide for your needs.  Follow with GRATITUDE for receiving your desire, and the Universe is now activated to fulfill your desire.

You Desires are Manifested Quickly by Saying “Thank You” As If Your Desire Has Already Been Met

And now make your statement of gratitude as if your desire has already been met.  For example, if you need healing from a health issue, you don’t say “THANK YOU GOD for healing me of cancer.”

Just saying the sickness that you are experiencing allows it to continue.  Instead, you say, “THANK YOU GOD for my perfect health!”

So, you just accept perfect health, deny any sickness, and watch perfect health manifest!  Make this statement even though you currently have cancer.

Follow this procedure if you are unemployed. And this time when you begin your job search, you will find that perfect job.  And you are no longer subject to randomly getting what you want.  See the difference?  Go for it!  You deserve it!

You will Manifest Quickly by Learning to “Go with the Flow”

 We have all heard the term “Go with the Flow.”  What does that really mean?  Most people think that it means we should be happy all the time, just sliding or drifting through life, like the hippies of the 1960s.

I came to adulthood during that movement, and I must admit that I never really understood why these people just wanted to drift through life.  Back then, I was focused on getting a job and paying my bills.

When I began my search for spiritual truth, one of my favorite teachers who taught us how to manifest was Wayne Dyer.  And I believe his statement says it best. “Act as if what you intend to manifest in life is already a reality. Eliminate thoughts of conditions, limitations, or the possibility of it not manifesting. If left undisturbed in your mind and in the mind of intention simultaneously, it will germinate in the physical world. “

“Thank You” Activates God’s Divine Gifts for You

So, you can Activate God’s Divine Gifts for you by saying the magic words, “Thank You God.”  These words are followed by the Law of Action.  You Take Action, and the Universe is programmed to meet you halfway. And this is how you will fulfill your desires.

Unfortunately, too many times you let your MIND overrule your FAITH.  You say, “THANK YOU GOD for a car that I need!  I KNOW this car is here for me right now!”  And that’s where it stops.

And your MIND says, “No way!  Who’s going to give me a car?  I don’t have any money to buy a car, so making this statement is just a pipe dream.  GET REAL!”

Have Faith that the Universe is Working on Your Behalf

So, if you could really have faith and accept that the Universe is working on your behalf, if you do your part, you will stop worrying and wondering about HOW it’s going to happen and Go with The Flow.

And Then You Take Action

And then you Take Action. You will tell all your friends and family that you need a car.  You will call all the auto repair shops to alert them that you need a car if they have a good cheap one, (who knows?  Maybe they will let you make payments.)

And you will check out ads for cars…in other words, you would stop worrying and just accept that your car is on its way.

Back when I formed a residential homebuilding company and needed a truck, I made the statement, “I KNOW the perfect truck is here for me RIGHT NOW, and I THANK YOU GOD for bringing it to me.”  And someone gave me a truck!   Miracles happen every day!

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