Remnant Video Cartoon Depicts Pope Francis As…Sauron? Really?

Remnant Video Cartoon Depicts Pope Francis As…Sauron? Really? January 25, 2016

Most of you are probably familiar with The Remnant, a traditionalist paper/online publication. Below is a video they posted earlier in January. I’m loathe to write about it, giving the video added publicity, but stuff such as this needs to be brought into the light and exposed.

True colors for the Greatest Catholics Of All Time, or a serious lapse in judgment? You decide.

Nice job, Remnant, characterizing The Eternal City as Mordor – Middle Earths’s realm of relentless malevolence – and Pope Francis as Sauron – the embodiment of pure evil. You owe an apology to more than Tolkien, though (who would, I’m sure, vehemently condemn your caricature) – in fact, you need to delete the video post haste. Too bad I can only downvote it once – click here if you’d like to downvote it.

Even if it’s meant to be funny, it’s an abysmal failure. It’s crap like this that deservedly earns The Remnant little to no respect in the wider Catholic culture, and it undoes any good they’ve accomplished in defending and explaining the Catholic faith.

For all that’s good and holy, take it down.

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