Remnant Video Cartoon Depicts Pope Francis As…Sauron? Really?

Remnant Video Cartoon Depicts Pope Francis As…Sauron? Really? January 25, 2016

Most of you are probably familiar with The Remnant, a traditionalist paper/online publication. Below is a video they posted earlier in January. I’m loathe to write about it, giving the video added publicity, but stuff such as this needs to be brought into the light and exposed.

True colors for the Greatest Catholics Of All Time, or a serious lapse in judgment? You decide.

Nice job, Remnant, characterizing The Eternal City as Mordor – Middle Earths’s realm of relentless malevolence – and Pope Francis as Sauron – the embodiment of pure evil. You owe an apology to more than Tolkien, though (who would, I’m sure, vehemently condemn your caricature) – in fact, you need to delete the video post haste. Too bad I can only downvote it once – click here if you’d like to downvote it.

Even if it’s meant to be funny, it’s an abysmal failure. It’s crap like this that deservedly earns The Remnant little to no respect in the wider Catholic culture, and it undoes any good they’ve accomplished in defending and explaining the Catholic faith.

For all that’s good and holy, take it down.

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  • Sophia Sadek

    Rome has a very nasty reputation for people who prefer to walk in the light.

  • Sounds like somebody doesn’t realize that the sacrament of mercy is…confession. And confession kind of requires something to confess- say, maybe, sin?

  • Viterbo Fangirl

    Thank you for the alert; I will most certainly downvote the video. I sincerely hope they realize how utterly disrespectful this is and delete it.

  • Ruth Angeli

    So far 32 Thumbs Up, with 33 Thumbs down!

    • LarryD

      When I posted, it only had 6 thumbs down.

      Oh, and expect your Youtube comment to get deleted in the next hour or so. They’ve already done that once.

      • Viterbo Fangirl

        43 downvotes to 33 upvotes last time I checked! Hoorah! (Also, it interests me to note that they who posted the video offered their apologies to Tolkien, but not to the divinely instituted office of Vicar of Christ…)

  • Dan C

    For years, conservatives pretended that the hideous Ann Coulter had something to offer after racist “raghead” comments and disdainful Jewish and comments about African-Americans. She now leads a right wing that eats that up.

    The same happens when you pretend that The Remnant once offered something. Or still might.

    This is the problem. Seeking hideous allies in a Culture War has resulted in a broader acceptance of a coalition like the Remnant whose ideas should be repelled on reflex as toxic.

    They have always been hateful, because they attacked in an ill-advised Culture War some common enemy, they were not properly reviled, and now have a reference point for more people as a consequence.

    They should have been roundly critiqued as hateful years ago. This is obviously what they would do with Francis.

    They are the Right Wing Catholic Culture Warrior.

    You own them. They are on your team.

    • LarryD

      You own them. They are on your team.


      • Dan C

        They have hurt the Church. They have been around since the late ’60’s and treated Paul 6th with hate and ridicule.

        Any consideration that they once “had value” in their role is ridiculous.

        Year to year they have hurt the Church and its members. It’s a constant.

  • Thinkling

    I guess the silver lining here is that those of good will and sympathetic to the traditionalist movement have a great chance to see exactly the kind of thing Pope Francis is disavowing when instead they think he is disavowing -them-.

    It really isn’t rocket science, but shame it may take abominations like this to finally get the point across.

  • I’m completely out of the loop on this one. Prior to this post, I had – to the best of my knowledge – never heard of Remnant.

    The video goes over my head. I have always found Tolkien boring and highly over rated, so I don’t get the references. Whatever they’re trying to say in this video is lost on me.